Will Cannabis Stocks Have You Seeing Green?

With attention-grabbing headlines about how Canada “nearly ran out of weed” after legalizing recreational marijuana, weed stocks seem to be a smart investment choice. Since demand is high right now and many new marijuana-related companies are going public, this market has opened up a potential new area for investment and growth.

According to a report by Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics, cannabis is a $57 billion dollar industry worldwide. Yahoo! Finance projects that by 2022, the legal cannabis revenue in the U.S. will hit $23.4 billion.

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Cheddar Bay Canna-Biscuits

Ever since I was young, Red Lobster has been one of my favorite restaurants of all time, mostly for the Cheddar Bay Biscuits. I recall ever Friday night after my mom got home from work, we’d go out for dinner at Red Lobster and I’d fill up on bread before the meal even arrived. After…

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Want Better Sex? Grab a Joint.

For those that love sex and want more in their lives, marijuana use could be the way to go. Marijuana has been linked to sexual enhancement for centuries, according to ancient Chinese texts, African cultures, and even Germanic tribes. It works through activating our body’s own cannabinoid system, which is connected to pleasure centers in…

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