This year went by so quickly, didn’t it? Once again, it’s almost time to get out the sweaters and answer all those cringey personal questions that your older relatives just can’t wait to ask you. We can’t really help you there, hopefully you have some cool cousins to blaze with while you deal with all of that stuff. We can gladly help you, however, with these unique and awesome gifts that your grandma will love and definitely hasn’t seen before.

Disclaimer: We don’t want to have your grandma off your rocker from strong THC products – that’s between you and her if you know that she’s into that. These are all non-psychoactive products but still excellent gifts nonetheless.


  1. CBD Bath Bomb

Everyone loves to relax in a hot bath full of their favorite aromas and melt their cares away for a while. Take this experience to the next level with a CBD bath bomb. You’ll get everything that you expect from a traditional bath bomb with the added benefits of pain relief, deeper relaxation, and less anxiety without any intoxication. Give your grandma a bathing experience fit for a queen.

  1. Hemp Lotion

Another excellent choice tied to skin care and beauty is hemp lotion. There are a ton of brands that have blown up the last few years due to how many nutrients are naturally within the hemp that will transfer to the skin. It also smells amazing and it’s the sort of gift you would want buy 2 of at the same time: one for her and a bottle for yourself.

  1. Papa & Barkley Co. Releaf Patches

These patches are nothing short of amazing. Especially when you think about the elderly who want nothing more than to enjoy their free time doing their favorite hobbies, these patches are potent and provide pain relief for 12 hours. This is a perfect idea for the more active grandparents that want to manage their garden, travel, jog, or work on their art. These come in various ratios from pure CBD to CBD and THC combinations, so you may want to consider the various ratios if you are completely sure your grandparents are okay with psychoactive effects.

  1. CBD Infused Honey

There is something about a jar of quality honey that has evokes days and nights spent with family through childhood to the present moment. Another great gift on its own, all of the CBD benefits work excellently in a honey infusion and if you have the experience, you can make your own infusion from your favorite CBD oil supplier and the honey of your choice.

  1. Rx CBD Treats (For Dogs)

We need stocking stuffers for the dog, too, of course! These handcrafted treats are made with premium, human-grade ingredients including naturally occurring, full-spectrum, CBD hemp oil. They’ll keep your favorite relative’s young pup or older dog happy, healthy and carefree, and now they’ll think of you whenever it’s time for a treat.



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