For those that love sex and want more in their lives, marijuana use could be the way to go. Marijuana has been linked to sexual enhancement for centuries, according to ancient Chinese texts, African cultures, and even Germanic tribes. It works through activating our body’s own cannabinoid system, which is connected to pleasure centers in the brain. It reduces pain, heightens pleasure, and creates a sense of relaxation, which in turn boosts libido and sexual enjoyment. (My own experiences confirm this 100%, particularly with strains of Indica.)

Because pot isn’t federally legal quite yet, there haven’t really been enough of studies to lead to conclusive information in regard to its effect on sexual experience, although there have been some.  The ones that have been done have pointed to an increase in sexual activity by about 20% in regular users.  This equals out to about 20 more times having sex per year than non-users. Marijuana use for sexual enhancement is common enough that it’s even been written about by sexologists like Nick Karras, who authored the book “The Passionate High: A Guide to Using Cannabis for Better Sex and Creativity.” He’s not the only one to recommend weed as an aphrodisiac. An article published in Forbes in September of this year confirms that marijuana seems to be connected to sexual frequency.

According to sex therapist Lawrence Siegel , THC affects the part of the brain connected to arousal in women. It’s recommended to start by smoking or vaping low dosages of marijuana for beginners. While edibles may be healthier on the lungs, the dosage can be tricky to navigate at first. If the dosage is too high, so to speak, then smoking can actually impair coital activity. In men, it’s been shown to impair the ability to climax in large ongoing doses. Small doses of THC, preferably in a through a mix of Sativa and Indica strains, is the recommended way to go.  In some cases, marijuana can work the opposite way and create a sense of anxiety, which is why it important to sort out which strain works for your particular chemistry.

CBD is the other main cannabinoid that can help with pain related issues by won’t create a psychotropic effect. It’s also legal when used medicinally in 49 states. It’s been added to products like anti-inflammatory balms, and even lubricants by companies like Privy Peach, which aim to soothe pain related to endometriosis and other kinds of pelvic discomfort.

Regardless of how you choose to use it, marijuana can definitely increase pleasure, so if you want to better your sex life, it might be time to incorporate a joint into your next date.

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