As an avid consumer of Cannabis, I can admit that at times it’s beyond easy to get way too high in the morning and end up not doing a damn thing for the rest of the day. Since the Early 90’s I’ve suffered from a lack of motivation after smoking and I can attribute it directly to puffing on heavy indica’s all day without having any goals other than to score or get faded. Later in life I had a large enough stash to not need to focus on scoring, so I could just get faded and do nothing all day. There then came a time when my brain finally realized that being a slacker, burnout isn’t exactly a great look, so i decided to take some steps to rectify it. Below are a few that I found to be exceedingly helpful in ridding me of that dreaded couch lock.


1.) Sativas During The Day : I love getting super ripped, particularly in the morning. In the past I always relied on heavy Indica’s for my wake and bakes and told myself Sativa’s are too much of an upper and not strong enough for me to actually feel the stone. Boy could I have not been more wrong. Certain Sativa’s that are grown to their full potential like Tangie, Green Crack and Sour Diesel can not only give you that hard hitting to the dome fade, but also allow you to focus on being productive instead of vegetating all day. They provide you with the energy needed to perform your daily tasks as well as keep you feeling relaxed and mellow with those heavy eyes and full faced smile. It took me a while to find the right strains to do the trick, but trust me, they are out there and will help to pull you out of that chair before at least Noon in order to get the ball rolling.
2.) Cardio Exercise : As much as we’re constantly told to do 30 minutes of basic exercise each day, it’s difficult to find the ambition as well as the time, especially with how much we are working, commuting and parenting these days. For me, exercising was more difficult than quitting cigarettes after 17 years of a pack a day. I found walking, jogging and biking annoying, difficult and at times downright painful. So I came up with a plan. If I wanted to get stoned in the morning I had to do a one mile walk/jog and throughout the trek I could take my vape pen with me and get baked while also breaking a sweat. I cheated and fought it on many days but early on I found that the cardio would get my motor running, giving me major energy boosts throughout those days, even when I was smoking every hour on the hour. On the days I didn’t get my workout in I would be lazy, slacking and dragging ass all day.
3.) Portion Control : We all know that diets are such a pain to stick with. You end up having to give up those delicious treats you adore and usually don’t see any noticeable weight loss for a month if not longer. Saying goodbye to Buns on Burgers, Pizza Crust or Ice Cream just isn’t going to happen. Those late night Taco Truck and Doughnut runs aren’t stopping anytime soon. However, do you really need the bottle of Coke and 3 tacos to accompany your carnitas burrito? Seriously though, must you have the double bacon cheeseburger, large fries and the milkshake? I guarantee you a basic bacon cheeseburger and regular fires are enough food for an adult. I know, I eat it regularly, I get full and I’m not left feeling like a total zombie when I awake in the morning. Portion control is an easy method that will have you feeling satisfied with out the bubble gut and hard to process sugars.
4.) Health Conscious Eating Decisions : Another simple idea is to avoid those easy and unhealthy snacks such as Twinkies, chips or soda’s and instead grab a bag of almonds, pork rinds or an unsweetened iced tea, as they don’t contain the processed chemicals and sugars that help to keep you feeling tired while giving you those hunger urges each day. There’s a good reason why those Scientists over at Frito-Lay are very rich. My last tip for those of us who love coffee with sugar is to make it/order it with 1/2 the sweetener or even try it without. You may actually enjoy it more and find you don’t get those horrible sugar crashes at 2 pm, while you’re still at work. At the end of the day you may discover that cannabis isn’t for you and chose to quit it in order to find your motivation. But I truly stand by the above recommendations and have witnessed the results from these changes first-hand. Good Luck and don’t give up hope even when you fail. Everyday is a new day to begin again.

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