This Summer has been full of new and exciting strains. Just the other day I finally got to sample some Samoas and then yesterday on the shelf at my local dispensary was a cut I had never heard of in the Chembert Live Resin from Errl’s aka Mantis Extracts for $17 USD a gram. From what I’ve gathered, the Chembert is an Indica-Dominant Hybrid cross of Chemdawg and Sunset Sherbet. My first impression of the Chembert resin was that it was saucy. This stuff was very thin and had a beautiful light golden color that dazzled in the sun. Sadly, Mantis Extracts closed its doors back in April so this is some of the last of their gear on the face of the earth to be sampled.
I decided to go with my Toro Glass Bubbler and as I opened the lid to the jar of the Chembert I was instantly hit in the nostrils with heavy notes of earth and diesel with a nice hint of pine. As I dipped my nail into the sauce I was very pleased with the consistency of the resin as it reminded me of a nice honey texture and very easy to work with. I grabbed myself a nice sized dab and is melted away in the quartz banger I was instantly met with her deep gas and skunky flavors that reminded me of this fire sour diesel I used to get a decade ago. Immediately, my eyes were very heavy and my head began to sweat profusely. This was a hard-hitting girl and after one hit I was extremely faded. I decided to take a second a few minutes later and let me tell you it probably was one toke over the line as I was destroyed. For an hour I watched a documentary on black holes and I’m pretty sure I retained absolutely nothing. Considering my tolerance level, the Chembert was a solid strain that seriously helped to relieve the back pain that I suffer from. I’d also say this was the perfect strain for stress and relaxation as well as insomnia as I was able to sleep like a rock that night and even woke up in the morning still slightly faded which is always a good thing.
Overall, I truly enjoyed the Chembert and found it to be a great strain on all levels. Surprisingly, I found it to also be a good strain in the morning as it got me faded but didn’t leave me couch-locked. When it came to her strength and potency, I absolutely loved the high of the Chembert Live Resin so I gave it a score of 9.5/10. In terms of her taste and pungency, I loved her terpene profile that was a healthy bouquet of diesel and skunk with a nice creamy pine finish. I could taste her earthy flavors well after exhale so I gave the Chembert Live Resin a score of 9.4/10. In the end, I was very pleased with this sample and if you are lucky enough to find some Chembert on your shelf, do not hesitate to scoop some up as it is the real deal.

chembert live resin

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