Every now and then I get a special treat when one of my rich friends comes around to let me sample some gear they’ve spent big bucks on. This was the case recently as my good buddy brought me over some Samoa’s Live Resin from Bobsled Farms based out of Portland, Oregon. Now to give you a little background, Samoa’s is an Indica-Dominant cross of the Girl Scout Cookies (Forum Cut) x Face Off OG. My friend was able to grab this sample for $30 USD so not bad, considering there is stuff selling for $90 a gram on shelves up here as we speak.

At first glance, the Samoa’s Live Resin was absolutely gorgeous to looks at. The consistency was extremely saucy and the color was a bright golden yellow that blinged like diamonds when it hit the sun. I decided to go with my David Goldstein fritted disc rig to dab her and upon opening the jar, I was met with heavy gas and lemon tones.

I was able to easily grab a perfect size glob onto my nail and as soon as the resin came in contact with my quartz banger it was off to the moon. I must warn you, that this is some heavy-duty resin and had me instantly sweating after exhale. My legs became weak and I had to sit down for a second to get my bearings about me. Now the Samoa’s resin wasn’t harsh at all. I found it to be quite smooth and tasty. On exhale, I was able to taste heavy notes of diesel and lemon along with a skunky pine finish that I enjoyed immensely. As for the stone, I was absolutely floored. This was some potent, narcotic fire that had me cotton-mouthed after just a few minutes. I would definitely say this strain is for people looking for help with pain along with insomnia as it instantly helped alleviate my back pain I suffer from and allowed me to sleep like a baby that night. The Samoa’s was a definite nighttime strain and seriously put me down.

Overall, I loved the Samoa’s and highly recommend it for a hard-hitting night time extract. In terms of flavor and pungency, I really enjoyed the gas and lemon terpenes it delivered. The taste was natural and stayed on my palate for a good while after exhale so I gave it a 9.3/10. As for the Samoa’s strength and potency I was amazed at the overall high that had me in a deep sedated stone for a solid 2 hours. This is the stuff you save for after a nice long hard day after work to help mellow you out so I gave her a 9.6/10. In the end, the Samoa’s was a top-notch extract and I’d highly recommend it if you see her on the shelf.

samoa's live resin

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