Kiwi Skunk is a smooth-hitting and pungent strain popularized by New Zealand-based strain genetics. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid with low-to-moderate THC levels ranging between 12 and 15 percent. While low in THC, Kiwi Skunk delivers heavy psychotropic effects in larger doses. If you’re looking for an internationally-recognized strain, consider trying some funky Kiwi Skunk buds.

New Zealand Inspired

Kiwiseeds was started by two brothers in 2002 as a way to preserve classic New Zealand strains brought over from other fertile cultivation spots such as Mexico, Thailand, and more. Their passion was fueled by a family that loved growing a variety of plants. Kiwi Skunk, in particular, was born out of a New Zealand Skunk variety and NYC Diesel strain. New Zealand Skunk strains were developed to grow small and short to avoid detection. Today, this New Zealand-inspired strain brings together a popular kiwi strain with an NYC favorite cultivar.

Light Green and Dense

Kiwi Skunk’s buds are fox-tailed, dense, and covered in tons of tiny yellow-colored trichomes. The buds are fluffy with some hints of purple leaves, although not many. Buds leaves are mainly bright and light green and break apart easily without being sticky. Kiwi Skunk grows short and stocky with a high calyx-to-leaf ratio and pungent buds. If you love fat and stinky nugs, you’ll love Kiwi Skunk.

Skunky Fresh

Kiwi Skunk has a strong earthy and gassy smell that’s reminiscent of its NYC Diesel parent. One whiff of the buds is enough to notice the invigorating diesel aroma. Underneath Kiwi Skunk’s diesel and fuel aroma is a strong grassy and piney undertone. Still, Kiwi Diesel has a potent ammonia-like smell that’s a bit minty and kiwi-y on the exhale. If you like skunky strains and don’t mind the loud scent, then Kiwi Skunk is right up your alley.

Uplifting and Relaxing

After a bong bowl of Kiwi Skunk, I felt relaxed but not high. Its low THC content is perfect for daytime smoking. One small bowl of Kiwi Skunk was uplifting and mood-boosting without making me overexcited. After a few minutes, I felt a creeping high that got more intense. Kiwi Skunk elicits a slight buzz without making you paranoid or unfocused.

After a couple or more bowls, Kiwi Skunk can deliver heavier cerebral effects without being too overwhelming. For me, smoking a couple of bowls of Kiwi Skunk relaxed my body and gave me a slight hazy feeling. Its Diesel genetics provide euphoric effects that can elevate any experience, whether your making dinner or watching television. Best of all, Kiwi Skunk has a slight kiwi taste that makes smoking or vaping experience more enjoyable.

Kiwi Skunk is a classic and exotic skunk strain with plenty of positive characteristics. It’s great for first-time users that don’t want to consume high-THC strains. This low-THC skunk variety has all of the unique smells of skunk strains without a strong intoxicating effect. Instead, Kiwi Skunk has a balanced high that can make errands more fun or give you a light buzz when you wake up. If you find some Kiwi Skunk, grab a few grams for those times you need to be productive and clear-headed.

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