Matanuska Thunder Fuck, also known as Alaskan Thunder Fuck, is a testament to Alaska’s ability to grow great weed despite its challenging climate. While the origins of Matanuska Thunder Fuck are hazy, we do know that this strain has a mind-numbingly high THC content ranging between 13 and 25 percent. This sativa-dominant strain has all the potency to give you a euphoric and relaxing boost.

Matanuska Valley

Matanuska Thunder Fuck was grown from strains grown in Matanuska Valley in southcentral Alaska during the 1970s. A large number of farmers dominated that area, eventually raising kids who knew how to grow plants and developed an interest in weed from their hippie buddies. Weed farmers would blackout their greenhouses to avoid detection. These farmers sold locally-grown weed, as opposed to the more accessible imported flower buds.

Rumor has it that Alaska Thunder Fuck is a cross between a Northern California sativa and a Russian ruderalis. After a few generations, its genetics were stabilized with an Afghani indica strain. Whatever its robust genetics are, MTF produces beefy and dense flower buds with a lot of color, smell, and THC.

Frosty and Large

MTF buds are long, spear-shaped and chunky. Bud leaves are bright green and littered with orange pistils. MTF buds are usually large and dense. My buds were slightly fluffy and sticky due to their high trichome content. Crystal-clear trichomes give this strain its high cannabinoid and terpene content, which is ideal if you’re looking for strong effects.

Skunk and Pine

Matanuska Thunder Fuck has a wide array of flavors that’ll keep you guessing. Its slightly rancid aroma is prevalent. For many, it has strong pine, citrus, skunk, menthol, and fruity notes. You’ll also notice a chocolate or nutty scent, which gives it a bit of sweetness. MTF’s main notes are funky skunk and pine. I loved the complexity in flavor and intensity in aroma of this sativa-dominant hybrid. The skunky and piney notes may be too pungent for discreet users.

Euphoria and Creativity

Matanuska Thunder Fuck is an uplifting and invigorating strain that will still let you go about your day. MTF has been used to relieve anxiety, nausea, and stimulate appetite. An intense cerebral rush will hit you immediately after smoking, vaping, or dabbing Matanuska Thunder Fuck. It’s strong enough to add a hazy sheen to your movie-watching experience or induce creativity when jamming out with your friends. You’ll love its smooth-tasting flavor and quick-acting euphoric effects.

Matanuska Thunder Fuck’s strain name is a mouthful, but this sativa-dominant strain is one of the best for frequent or heavy users that need a large dose of THC. MTF’s THC-rich buds can knock you out if you’re not careful, but usually give you a peppy boost that’ll keep you motivated throughout the day. First-time users should consume very low doses of MTF or build up their tolerance to high-THC strains first. Don’t miss out on trying this hardy and revitalizing strain.

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