Hardcore OG’s contested history is just one part of the mystery that is this potent Indica-dominant strain. As its name suggests, Hardcore OG provides users with a highly intoxicating experience that can quickly make you sleepy. This strain boasts THC levels between 22 and 28 percent, just enough to whisk you away into a blissful sleep or keep you glued to your couch during a movie. It’s highly sedating properties have made this THC-rich strain a popular evening or nighttime choice.

From Hazy Beginnings

Hardcore OG was created in Southern California, but that’s about as much as anyone knows about its origins and genetics. Most online resources suggest that Hardcore OG is a cross between Big Bud and DJ Short Blueberry strains. Forums describe other strain combinations including Paris OG and Original Diesel. Despite its unfounded origin stories, Hardcore OG is one of the most potent and pungent Indica strains on the market. Growers love using this trichome-rich strain to create potent concentrates with a high concentration of terpenes. Regardless of genetics, Hardcore OG will provide you with a high that’ll leave you couch-locked for hours.

Bright Green and Full of Trichomes

Hardcore OG doesn’t mess around when it comes to potency. You can immediately tell that this strain packs a heavy punch with its resinous layer of trichomes on its bright green bud leaves. Hardcore buds are dense and fluffy. You can find a few orange-colored pistils throughout its fluffy leaves, but the majority of its bud structure is lime green. If you’re looking for a heavy dose of THC during the afternoon or evening, Hardcore OG is a good choice.

Lemon, Pine, and Spice

Like many OG strains, Hardcore OG features a strong pine and citrus aroma that some liken to Pinesol. Its lemon-lime scent is tempered with slightly sweet honey notes. A mouth-puckering lemon, diesel, and peppery flavor comes through during the exhale. Hardocore OG’s most common terpenes include beta-caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene, which contribute to its a spicy and lemony mix.

Relaxed and Sleepy

Hardcore OG’s high trichome and terpene content can make you doze off if you take large doses too fast. In smaller doses, you’ll feel your muscles getting looser along with improved focus and mood. Be prepared for a near-instant high after a single puff or dab of Hardcore OG. Some medical patients have used this strain for its quick and potent pain-relieving effects. Its cerebral effects instantly ease your mind and reduce anxious thoughts.

Hardcore OG is intended for everyday users or those seeking intense relief. Its strong and euphoric effects taper off into feelings of drowsiness that can put you to sleep. If you want an even stronger dose of Hardcore OG, pick up some Hardcore OG shatter, live resin, or more types of extracts from a variety of concentrate brands. High-tolerance users will really enjoy its brain-melting effects. Just make sure you’ve cleared your plans to enjoy Hardcore OG’s long-lasting high.

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