We’re rocking through August, galaxy travelers! How quickly the earth orbits again around the sun. Doesn’t it feel like June just passed? Regardless of how time feels, a flat circle, a line, or otherwise… what should you be on the lookout in the 8th month of 2019?


Libra’s themes: Pressure from friends that could become collaboration, finding renewed trust in romantic partner, patience in knowing better things are around the corner, as this year continues its series of lows and highs. Being the sign of balance, you’re used to getting the best and worst from all sides.

Cannabis suggestion: Strains for patience, reducing anxiety, managing exhaustion. Super Silver Haze ought to reduce these troubles greatly for the Scales. And don’t forget a good topical to help deal with bodily aches!


Scorpio’s themes: Financial stress easing up, relationship tension, that could be negative, or a more positive building leading to a release. Your family will be brought closer together, so look forward to sharing some joy.

Cannabis suggestion: Strains for socializing, being with loved ones and enjoying the company of others. Hercules is strong enough to carry you through all sorts of social situations with strength and ease.


Sagittarius: The time is right and now for new methods of presenting yourself to the world. Summer events and fun are a great opportunity to update your fashion sense, so grab the closet by the handles! It’s been a busy career season too, so keep up the grind for more rewards.

Cannabis suggestion: Strains for creativity in expression and business, providing extra energy and curiosity, like Star Dawg.

Capricorn: Lacking confidence that needs to be raised! A more positive mood will find you, after getting checked by a troublesome economic episode. Time to start bulking up the savings again! You’ll be pleasantly surprised if you take some risks in your personal life.

Cannabis suggestion: Strains for confidence, on sale, preferably. Want to manage a bad mood without splurging too hard, so check the bargains on hybrids at your shop, or ask about Cannatonic to get that light, all-around good feeling.


Aquarius: Lots of friends and connections are reaching out to you, so welcome them in. You’ve made a lot of personal progress this year so far, so don’t slow down. Whether it’s in work, or your internal growth toward self actualization, keep the momentum rolling.

Cannabis suggestion: Strains for enlightenment, productivity, connecting to others. Lamb’s Bread’s clear, uplifting high will manage those acute headaches to which your thoughtful brain is prone.


Pisces: Are you not feeling challenged at work, fish? This could take a hard turn into new territory for you, just in time. Ultimately, these changes will increase your satisfaction. Change can be draining, but you’re riding a love-high so soak up that positive energy.

Cannabis suggestion: Strains for creative problem solving, intimacy, emotional stability, and the tasty lemon meringue will have you feeling physically awake and able to zone in.

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