It’s been a while since I’ve sampled some fruity strains so I figured it’s time we make that happen. On my last trip to my dispensary, I found a new and interesting fruitiness in the Papaya Sugar Wax from WA Grower out of Washington State. From what I was able to find, the Papaya is an Indica-Dominant Three-Way cross from Nirvana Seeds that combines Mango with Citral #13 and Ice #2 to create this new strain. Now at first glance, this Papaya sugar wax was one solid rock that almost looked light pink and orange. Upon, opening the jar I was able to smell heavy tones of what I’d call mango and coconut which was reminiscent of an island drink or suntan lotion. At a price point of just $17 USD, I was excited to give her a whirl.

I decided to dab the Papaya using my Toro Glass bubbler and upon sticking my nail into the rock I noticed the wax was very crumbly which I was a little disappointed by. I found it quite difficult to grab a good amount onto my nail without it falling off. I was finally able to coax a dab onto to the nail and once it hit the quartz banger I was hit with a good smooth rip that left me with the taste of coconut and mango which I truly enjoyed. The flavors were not too heavy and left the taste of the Islands on my tongue for a while. As for the stone, I found the Papaya to be decent but not too strong at all. It was a calm high that gave me some energy and did mellow me out a little. Even after two hits I was still not feeling ripped. I almost found the Papaya to be a bit more on the Sativa side so it’s possible this sample just wasn’t grown to fruition or it was a misnomer.

In the end, I found the Papaya to be lacking when it came to her overall experience When it came to the pungency and flavor I found it to be a little on the creamy side which I don’t really like. The fruit flavors were there but there wasn’t enough earthiness to for my liking so I gave her an 8.8/10. As for the strength and potency, I found the Papaya to be a disappointment as it left me needing to vape a different strain in order to get fully stoned so I gave it a 7.2/10. I’m sure there are much better samples of Papaya to be had but for me, I just wasn’t a fan.

papaya sugar wax

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