Welcome to September, 2019! Hot girl summer is winding down, and grand theft autumn is gearing up! Kidding, kidding. Trust me stargazers, the rest of September is a lot for us all! But read on to see what the 9th month of 2019 holds for you and what strains you might try holding in your lungs, my fellow armchair astrologists.


Libra’s themes: A trying time at home and toward your economic responsibilities should be seeing some results. You may not be happy right now, but know that a change in perception could be what you need to make this time bearable.

Cannabis to try: Strains for… depression, motivation, treating self. Chocolope is tasty and coffee like, but also great for having a surreal awakening, if taken in strong enough doses, in the right setting. I’ve had some perspective-shifting epiphanies with this one, and it might do you well, Libra.


Scorpio’s themes: Feeling slow and held back, pushing through. Will need to pull deep for focus and inspiration in this sluggish time. Connectedness is playing a big role in your work and personal life, so remember that you can’t force change upon anyone but yourself, Scorpio.

Cannabis to try: Strains for… social finesse, getting through a lousy situation, improved mood. Dutch Treat is an Amsterdam coffeeshop staple for its relaxed mood effects and and relax with friends.


Sagittarius’s themes: A lack in regular good attitude of late as multiple retrogrades in the houses controlling your values and feelings messes with your head. Big questions are brewing and the will to attempt answers will flourish.

Cannabis to try: Strains for… inspiration, meeting goals, productivity, intellect. Try Brainstorm Haze, which is an ultra-hybrid of multiple mind-bending strains. The intent is to instill some enthusiasm back into your routine, and Brainstorm should help out greatly. Get deep, Sag!


Capricorn’s themes: Struggling in your relationships? Whether it be trouble with a current partner, or trouble seeking one, pull from your existing and previous relationships to learn what you can do differently to improve your circumstances. Classic Cap stuff.

Cannabis to try: Strains for… meeting new people, opening up new perspectives, introspection. Sour Diesel is a classic for an upbeat attitude and its stamina in keeping you feeling accepting and sociable, ready to talk.


Aquarius’ themes: Been working hard on your overall life goals, and if it feels like progress is slow, be patient. When you speak, people listen, so consider carefully where and how you want to best be heard. It can even be hard to hear yourself amidst your thoughts, so become friends with oneself.

Cannabis to try: Strains for… reflection, extroversion, chattiness, opening self up. Gelato is great for calming the body and having a good conversation with good people, even with your sometimes high standards Aquarius. You can lose track of time and be in that moment as much as possible.


Pisces’ themes: Been looking for an outlet, but don’t jump into something you’ll want to abandon. Pick a project that speaks to you! While you’ve been lingering on your own passions, your partner might be questioning the terms of your relationship, so make sure you’re making your feelings known, Pisces!

Cannabis to try: Strains for… inspiration, communication, active thinking. Try some Mango Haze that that uplifts and provokes deep thought for quite some time. The body will let go of tension, but you’ll be working hard on your internal issues without freaking out.

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