Welcome to September, 2019! Hot girl summer is winding down, and grand theft autumn is gearing up! Kidding, kidding. Trust me stargazers, the rest of September is a lot for us all! But read on to see what the 9th month of 2019 holds for you and what strains you might try holding in your lungs, my fellow armchair astrologists.


Aries’ themes: Energy for expression, creativity, but others stifling your flow. Can learn patience and compromise, can continue to ruminate on the passion you’d rather prioritize.

Cannabis to try: Strains for… productive creativity, ambition, motivation. Kali Mist sometimes has a psychedelic sensation, but in moderation will open the mind and spark the train of thoughts, Aries.


Taurus’ themes: Communication in the workplace, business networking, planning and organization. What is going to push or motivate you to work for the next level? Holding yourself back?

Cannabis to try: Strains for… energy, motivation, physical and mental stimulation, improvements to self and connected life, personally and professionally. Lemon Haze is a tasty treat that most Tauruses would adore. A hit provides a fast buzz of energy from an espresso shot, minus the jitters. Relax the mind, but don’t slow it down, Taurus.


Gemini’s themes: Dealing with keeping your house in order, when things keep piling on and keeping all the balls in the air is getting hard. Relationships within the family might push you into frustration, so take a step back, Gemini.

Cannabis to try: Strains for… solitary reflection, relaxation, when you need to get away and take a vacation without going too far. Pineapple Chunk brings the tropical, beach-lounging vibes right to your couch with its strong THC content, perfect for “getting away.”


Cancer’s themes: Finding yourself in an existential crisis spurred on by career doubts and curiosities. Can get out of this standstill! Direct energy toward opportunities to promote yourself or change your standing or are just starting a new exciting endeavor.

Cannabis to try: Strains for… Social networking, alertness, creative stimulation. AK-47 hits hard in the mind, creating intrigue and curiosity. Perfect for a memorable talk, Cancer.


Leo’s themes: Jumping back into work or school after a respite from the hustle is going to be greatly beneficial. Will not only lessen stress to focus on these, but remember to not let your financial stresses grow anymore, either. It’s been a tight time, so budget out.

Cannabis to try: Strains from… the Bargain bin! And of those, definitely will be wanting something that will put you to sleep fast so you can hit every day hard. I usually find Girl Scout Cookies to be reasonably priced, and keeps me relaxed to deal with the day’s lousiness, Leo.


Virgo’s themes: Happy (likely) birthday, Virgo! You should be feeling fueled by your power that should catalyze into new beginnings and exciting chapters of your life. Birthdays are a perfect time to check in with what you might want to change in yourself.

Cannabis to try: Strains for… balance and wellbeing, but also celebration and fun! Control that buzz, don’t cease it. Trainwreck is always a good quick fix to get to a place of happiness, and will match the excitement you’re feeling overall, Virgo!

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