Ace of Spades is a mind-accelerating and body melting hybrid with around 20 percent THC. Some reports indicate that Ace of Spades also has higher-than-normal amounts of THCV, one of cannabis’ many minor cannabinoids. One test on Ace of Spades shatter performed at the 2014 High Times Seattle Cannabis Cup found that the concentrate had 2.4 percent THCV. Ace of Spades’ unique chemical profile makes this one of the most satisfying strains to consume.


Ace of Spades is an indica-dominant hybrid strain from TGA Subcool Seeds. This formidable strain is parented by Black Cherry Soda and Jack the Ripper strains. Black Cherry Soda passes on its signature violet hues and sweet berry taste to Ace of Spades. Jack the Ripper brings its lemony taste to the Ace of Spades strain. Black Cherry Soda and Jack the Ripper’s competing aromas and flavors create an alluring and complex-smelling strain.

Mood Boost and Sedation

Ace of Spades is a powerful indica strain that can give you a mood boost in low doses and heavy relaxation in larger ones. Take a puff or two to feel an immediate, but not overwhelming sense of euphoria and excitement. Light up a joint and let your creative juices flow and worries wash away. Ace of Spades can provide a deep sense of relaxation and sedation at high doses. Vape some Ace of Spades buds in the evening and get ready to catch some z’s.

Purple, Pink, and Blue Buds

Ace of Spades has great bag appeal with its variety of colorful bud leaves ranging from purple to blue to pink. Mainly, cannabis buds are bright and vibrant green with some copper-colored pistils. Ace of Spades buds that are grown in cooler climates can produce higher levels of anthocyanins that pigment the leaves in various bright shades. Look past its alluring rainbow of colors and you’ll see a snowy layer of resinous trichomes.

Sweet and Sour

If you’re a fan of sweet and sour-smelling and tasting strains, you’ll appreciate Ace of Spades’ fragrant aroma. Take one whiff and you’ll notice a fruity and earthy smell that’s hard to contain. On the sweeter side, Ace of Spades smells like ripe berries. Its sour component has a slightly citric tinge that balances the strain’s terpenes. The lemon-berry combination blends well with a distinct herbal and grassy odor.

Ace of Spades has a moderate THC content, ideal for daily smokers who want a balanced strain or new users who are gradually building up their tolerance. These dense and bright green buds can uplift you when you’re feeling frazzled or put you in a meditative state when you’re ready to go to sleep. No matter how you choose to consume Ace of Spades, this strain can provide fast and strong effects.

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