Over the past few months, I’ve been able to find some high-quality extracts in my local area that don’t break the bank. Often, decent waxes and resins will cost you upwards of $30-40 USD per gram. On a recent venture to my local dispensary, I was able to pick up some Purple Punch sugar wax from 710 Reserve aka MJ Botanicals out of Washington State, for the low price of just $12 USD a gram. To give you some background, the Purple Punch is an Indica that crosses Larry OG Kush with Grandaddy Purple to create a strain folks call delicious as well as intoxicating. I personally had grown the Purple Punch outdoors last summer and wasn’t exactly blown away but at a cost of $12, I was absolutely willing to give this wax a shot.


I decided to use my David Goldstein Fritted Disc rig and upon opening the jar of Purple Punch, I could smell hints of diesel and citrus with a berry finish. It wasn’t extremely pungent but was definitely noticeable At first look, this wax was a light gold color and very saucy, which I prefer. As I dipped my nail into the wax I was very pleased with the consistency which was thin and easy to work with. I grabbed myself a nice sized dab and once it met the quartz banger I could instantly taste her mellow flavors that I’d describe as lemons and gas. The Purple Punch vapor was very easy on the lungs and upon exhale, I could feel her solid stone. It wasn’t mind-blowing, but it was potent and provided a strong buzz. After a second rip, I can honestly say I was totally baked. I wouldn’t describe it as devastating, but it was nice and stony and at a price point of $12 a gram, I couldn’t ask for more in that department. Within a few minutes, my back pains had subsided and my stress and anxiety were gone so this is definitely a good medicinal strain. I also found the Purple Punch to be great for insomnia as it helped me to fall asleep nicely.


When it comes to budget extracts, this Purple Punch sample was way more than I expected for the price. I’ve paid well over $30 a gram for extracts that weren’t as potent as this girl. When it came to her flavor and pungency, I was able to taste some mellow hints of gas and citrus but it wasn’t as tasty as I had wished, so I gave the Purple Punch a score of 8.7/10. In terms of her strength and potency, this was where the Purple Punch shined. I found she was able to keep me nice and stoned for a good two hours after just two hits and provided a strong heady stone, so I gave her a score of 9.2/10. All in all, the Purple Punch was a great strain for the price and I would absolutely recommend you give this a try if you’re lucky enough to find it on a shelf near you.

purple punch sugar wax

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