Imagine packing a bowl of a top-shelf strain, sitting back in your plush seating, donning the best pair of headphones you’ve got, and listening to hypnotic and trippy instrumental songs as you take a big fat rip from a premium bong. 

Although you may not always have the time to sit back and listen to music without distractions, listening to instrumental rock, dance, hip-hop, or any other genre’s music can be relaxing, mesmerizing, and meditative, especially when paired with weed. If you’re ready to get your eardrums bumping and mind buzzing, check out these seven tracks where the instruments do all the talking.

1. Föllakzoid – “Electric”

Follakzoid is a Chilean three-piece that mix traditional Andean melodies with modern and otherworldly sounds to create a haunting yet danceable atmosphere. “Electric” is an almost 12-minute instrumental journey featuring a driving bassline, cosmic synthesizers, and fuzzed-out guitars drenched in effects. “Electric” takes you on a psychedelic trip fueled by a motorik beat and sparse and faint, almost ghostly vocals.

2. Nujabes – “Aruarian Dance”

Nineteenth-century French composer Maurice Ravel wrote an orchestral arrangement that would be covered over a hundred years later by multiple artists including Nujabes, a legendary Japanese hip-hop DJ and producer. “Aruarian Dance” incorporates Nujabes’ signature lush samples, hip-hop beats, and dreamy atmosphere. Light up and get lost in the intricate guitar work, orchestral instrumentation, and peaceful vibes.

3. Flying Lotus – “All In”

Flying Lotus’ “All In” fuses the innovative producer’s experimental style, hard-hitting hip-hop beats, pristine production, and hypnotic soundscapes. “All In” starts off with ethereal instrumentation while the funky bass subtly transitions the song into more bombastic territory. Sly snare and hi-hat work meld with uplifting piano melodies. “All In” has a strong hip-hop backbone and jazz flares that sound sublimely improvised. 

4. Nosaj Thing – “Coat of Arms”

Nosaj Thing’s debut album has plenty of experimental hip-hop beats with disruptive and distorted sounds, but one of my favorites is “Coat of Arms.” Nosaj Thing’s “Coat of Arms” begins with celestial vocals, a trudging beat, and bright keys until it descends into a whirlpool of vibrating bass sounds flowing from one ear to the next. “Coat of Arms” is a dark, blissful, and seriously trippy track that must be listened to on good headphones.

5. Tame Impala – “Jeremy’s Storm”

Tame Impala is Kevin Parker’s psychedelic brainchild where he composes parts to all instruments. He showcases his knack for building moods with the only instrumental track, “Jeremy’s Storm,” off their debut album. The track starts off with a psychedelic guitar riff leading into a driving backbeat. Written during a storm at Parker’s home, “Jeremy’s Storm,” features ebbs and flows until it reaches a climactic finale.

6. Tera Melos – “Melody 7”

If you like extremely technical guitar playing and fast-paced drumming, then you’ll appreciate Tera Melos’ noisy and distinctive sound. Members mix odd time signatures with jazz influences, heavy distortion, and pop melodies for palatability. No melodies in “Melody 7” repeat, which makes this complex instrumental interesting to dissect. You’ll be head-banging and mesmerized by the end of this winding odyssey.

7. Petbrick – “Heaven’s Gate”

Petbrick is the experimental and electronic project of Iggor Cavalera (Sepultura) and Wayne Adams. They evoke pitch-black moods with pummeling drum beats and demonic soundscapes. In “Heaven’s Gate,” Cavalera drives the song with rolling toms as a sustained synthesizer note warbles in the background. For over six minutes, the brooding and distorted synthesizers haunt your mind.

Listening to instrumental tracks of any genre while high is one of life’s greatest simple pleasures. Whether you’re a fan of movie soundtracks, orchestral arrangements, trance, or psychedelic rock, a bit of weed can add a mind-expanding layer to your favorite tracks.

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