Sometimes, all you want to do is sit back, relax, and listen to some chill indie pop songs while you take a dab or smoke a twaxed joint. I usually have some aggressive punk song playing in the background while I work, but I also like to wind down with some chill indie pop songs.

Lately, these bouncy and catchy tracks have been on repeat on my Spotify. I’m the type of person to listen to a song multiple times for days on end. If you’re ready to dive into a CBD bubble bath or blaze it up with your buddies, these tunes can put you in a relaxed mood.

Noid by Yves Tumor

Experimental and secretive songwriter, Yves Tumor, departed from his signature atmospheric sound and graced us with a sparkling indie-pop gem on “Noid” from his album Safe in the Hands of Love released in 2018. A dance-infused bass and drum combination pairs perfectly with an uplifting arrangement of strings. The upbeat melodies contrast with lyrics about police brutality ultimately descending into a cacophony of frightening sounds. Yves Tumor delivers a poignant message about racial injustice through hypnotic and euphoric beats.

Communication by Disq

Disq is the brainchild of Isaac De Broux-Slone and Raina Bock, two friends that met as infants and started playing music in high school. Influenced by Weezer, The Beatles, and Big Star, Disq puts their own spin on indie power pop. “Communication” starts off with effect-driven jangly and crunchy guitars and a solid backbeat. Sunshine-soaked vocal melodies and harmonies drive the song into a blissful utopia. The lyrics highlight the inability to connect in this modern world.

Why Didn’t You Stop Me by Mitski

Japanese-American singer, Mitski, released her latest album, Be the Cowboy, in 2018 to critical acclaim. In the disco-inspired “Why Didn’t You Stop Me,” a trembling bass leads a driving drum beat and Mitski’s angelic vocals. This bouncy track incorporates flourishes of guitar and electrifying synthesizers and ends with a procession of horns and tambourines in unison. Mitski sings about loneliness and heartbreak, but makes it catchy enough to keep your attention while stoned.

I’m Down With That by Boss

Boss consists of seasoned indie musicians including Theresa Wyman from one of my favorite bands, Warpaint. She delivers her ethereal vocals over a beachy and psychedelic rhythm section and single-note guitar riffs with a distinct summer pool party vibe. Wyman sings “If you’re gonna walk through hell, I’m down with that, and sing angelic, you’re gonna need a little psychedelic.”

French Press by Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

Saying Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever can be quite a mouthful, but their song “French Press” is a true banger. This Australian indie rock outfit released “The French Press” in 2018 with a shimmering jangle-pop track of the same name. Their songwriting is impressive as well as their ability to evoke energetic to thrilling moods within the song. “The French Press” is fast-paced, driving, and full of melodic hooks.

Cretino by Sol Flamingo

Even if you don’t speak Spanish, you can still bask in the mellow and hazy songs written by Mexico City’s Sol Flamingo. “Cretino” is a confessional indie pop track about a singer’s unrequited love and romantic missteps. The singer’s whispery vocals blend into a sharp falsetto that keeps the song fresh and romantic. Its mid-paced tempo is a serenade to a love that will never be. A puff or two of your vape pen can add another layer to the song.

These indie pop songs are earworms that you’ll want to put on your next summer playlist. Mellow-sounding tracks can help you to relax after a long work day or put your in a good mood when you need a quick pick-me-up. I also like to take a few puffs from my vape pen to hear the songs in a different light. Music and cannabis will always be a winning combination for me.

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