This is one of those reviews I hate doing but occasionally you’re left with no choice. Now I had high hopes for this product as the packaging and looks of The Cannon are very similar to the “Kiln” from Atmos and at the price ($17.00USD marked down from $69.00) I was hoping to get lucky. We’ll sadly, I didn’t. Many times in life you pay for what you get and this is definitely one of those times.


Now at first glance, The Cannon looks legit with its tag line of “Fire in the Hole!!” and a gorgeous gold printed, felt lined box. The Atomizer and mouthpiece are both made of what appear to be high quality ceramic and the battery seems to be decent quality and offers micro USB charging capability, which was a plus. The pen also included the charger along with a dab tool, both of which worked absolutely perfect.


As for the battery itself, it is very flimsy and need a good push to get it going while the light doesn’t react on the battery to let you know it’s firing. It would take a second before the light came on which made it very confusing at first. Now upon loading my shatter into it, I was very pleased with the size of the extract reservoir as it holds a decent amount of material. But once fired, it took a good 4-5 seconds before I had any noticeable vapor. I could hold for 10 seconds straight and still was unable to get a sufficient hit. I played with it and tried many different techniques such as puffing it like a cigar or slowly hitting it to see if that helped to create more vapor but sadly I could not get a large enough pull to satisfy. This left me thinking that the ceramic coil inside was extremely weak or possibly defective or the battery is either not strong enough, as I had charged it to its full capacity.


Either way the flavor of the vapor I did receive was sup-par and had a taste to it that felt as if it was getting overheated and lightly burned. Eventually the flavor seemed to dissipate when I began keeping the battery on for no more than 3-4 seconds at a time but I was still unable to get thick vapor. Then when I removed the mouthpiece I was able to see my shatter was just boiling in the chamber and sticking to the top of the mouthpiece. Eventually I decided I wasn’t going to waste any more shatter after attempting to get a good hit and going through an entire gram. I was able to scrape about a half gram of reclaim off the inside of the mouthpiece which was somewhat of a positive but overall this device was completely worthless other that to waste my oil and not get me stoned.


Even at the price of $17.00 I was deeply disappointed and left feeling ripped off. Unfortunately the box included no instructions or a website to contact the manufacturer, which I didn’t notice before using it. So at the end of the day I was unable to return the product giving me a $17.00 dollar battery that barely works. Overall I would give The Cannon a 4/10 as it worked but just didn’t work well. There are many other options available at this price that will easily out perform it. Trust me, if you see this in your local head shops display case, don’t waste your hard earned money no matter what the discount.


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