I was looking to get my hands on a new strain this week. I’d been hearing a ton about a cut that’s been taking the cannabis community by storm, the White Tahoe Cookies, so I decided to search it out. The White Tahoe is a three-way cross between The White X Tahoe OG Kush X Girl Scout Cookies. The result is an Indica-Dominant Hybrid that has been creating buzz and winning numerous awards across the Country. I was able to get a sample at my local dispensary that appeared legit. The buds were super chunky and looked like some heavy duty smoke and at a price of $30USD an eighth I was a bit hesitant at first but decided to pull the trigger.

Now upon first glance, the Tahoe Cookies were beautiful greenish purple nuggets that had so much resin on them they literally looked white from all the crystals. Nice and dense, I was looking forward to breaking her up for my mini Toro bubbler. Once the jar was open I was hit with a mild earthy skunk aroma that also had a lingering hint of grape to bring it all together. Now, the smell out of the jar was super pleasant but was also very light. I didn’t notice the room fill with skunky odor at all. Once I began breaking the nug up I was able to get more of her cookies and kush aroma but it was still not as strong as some of the strains I’ve been smelling lately. On inhale, I was met with a very smooth smoke that unfortunately wasn’t as pungent as I was hoping for. I’m about my terpenes and flavors when it comes to enjoying my flower and this just didn’t have it. As for potency, the White Tahoe Cookies again fell short of my expectations. After two nice rips, I was feeling high but not strong whatsoever. Almost like I’d only taken a tiny puff. I ended up needing four bubbler rips to feel somewhat stoned but not ripped like I should have been.

At the end of the day, the White Tahoe Cookies I sampled from Funky Monkey was not what I was hoping for. As for the pungency and aroma, the flavors just did not pop and I found it lacking in terpene levels so I gave it a 7.5/10. When it came to her potency I also found this sample to be quite disappointing so I had to give her a 7.1/10 as I was unable to get baked which left me wanting. I didn’t notice any noticeable pain relief from this strain as well, so all in all a very disappointing review. Now, I’m not completely over the White Tahoe Cookies and will try again to find a sample that is up to par moving forward as I can’t believe this is what the hype was about.

white Tahoe cookies

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