Growing up, I was never really a huge fan of taking baths. Not even bubble baths. They felt like a waste of time and a waste of fancy soap. At some point in my early 20s, bath bombs became a thing. I waited a few years for the craze — and prices — to die down before I finally decided to try one.

Although I was fascinated by the awesome show that the bath bomb added to the bathing experience, I still wasn’t convinced that bath bombs were worth my time much less my money.

It doesn’t help that, as an adult, I have yet to have a bathtub that was long enough for me to comfortably stretch out in. And if I’m going to take the time to fill up the bath to try and relax, I want to be fully relaxed.

CBD-infused bath bombs changed the bath game

A few years later, when I purchased a monthly subscription box marketed to female/feminine cannabis users, I received my first CBD-infused bath bomb: it was heaven.

All of a sudden, I didn’t care that I was crammed into too small of a bathtub with my knees bent for maximum comfort. As the CBD-infused essential oils soaked into my skin, I felt my muscles start to relax one by one and I felt at peace. The moment was especially nice because it happened near the anniversary of my most disruptive mental breakdown. Needless to say, I needed a way to relax that day, and thanks to the bath bomb, relax I did. It was like smoking a fat blunt before a bath, except I didn’t have to get high out of my mind.

Why Cannabombz is my CBD-infused bath bomb retailer of choice

Whenever I have the chance and ability to do so, I try to support small, independently owned and operated businesses. They don’t always have the lowest priced items, but I’m rarely disappointed when doing business with one. Cannabombz was no exception.

Cannabombz is a female-owned and operated business that started in 2013. The owner is a lifelong dancer who lives with chronic pain. She also has allergies and skin sensitivities that prevented her from using everyday market items. As a result, she decided to start her own business focused on helping others with chronic pain. All of the herbs and flowers that the owner puts into her products are grown in her private garden.

Some of the CBD-infused products available for purchase include bath bombs, bubble bars, salves, personal lubricant, and CBD-infused essential oil roll-ons.

CBD-infused bath bombs by Cannabombz are high milligram but low price

Cannabombz sells bath bombs in three (3) different sizes and potency: Small (100mg), Medium (200mg), and Large (300mg). Small bath bombs are $10-each, Mediums are $12-each, and Larges are $15-each. She charges a flat fee of $5 for shipping. Wholesale pricing is also available; however, please reach out to the owner directly at or via Instagram for more details.

In addition to everyday pricing, Cannabombz constantly has special deals or sales available. For example, right now, Cannabombz has three (3) Valentine’s Gift Sets for sale and one (1) sale on the heart-shaped bubble “barz”. According to the website, the Valentine Gift Set 1 ($40 + $5-shipping) comes with a 200mg heart-shaped bubble bar, a 500mg lube, and a 200mg “Better Than a Bouquet Cannabomb”.

Paradise probably smells like a Cannabombz bath bomb

When I opened the box my order came in, I was immediately skeptical. They were each about 1.5-inches in diameter, and I could hold all three (3) in the palm of one of my (rather small) hands. I was not, however, disappointed by the smell. In fact, I kept one of the bath bombs in the drawer of my desk that I use the most. Before I used the bath bomb, every time I opened the drawer was like a micro aromatherapy session. Sometimes I would open the drawer just to relax for a few seconds.

Using the bath bomb was even more gratifying than that.

It had been an overwhelming day. At the time, I was still in the thick of my mental health recovery process. I could feel it in my body that I was only a few minutes away from a major meltdown. I needed to escape the moment.

First of all, I was blown away by how much stronger — yet even more pleasant — the smell of the bath bomb was. I hate walking by the floral section of groceries stores. Usually, I get overwhelmed and have to quickly walk away. Pulling back the plastic wrapping on the bath bomb had the opposite effect. I wanted to soak myself in that smell … so I did.

They smell great but the pain relief is even better

It was the best bath of my life. When it was all over, I felt like a warm puddle of contented goo. I didn’t want to get out of the tub.

Migraines? What’s that?

Back pains? Who are they?

When my husband asked how my bath was, a pleased but guttural moan escaped my body. I enjoyed it so much that I hoarded the last two (2) bath bombs for months! I saved them for the worst of the worst days. And once, when my husband was really sick, I very briefly considered offering to share one with him but quickly changed my mind.

My next purchase is coming up. My husband and I are planning to go on vacation at some point in the next few months and the only thing on my wishlist was that we find a place with a bathtub I can stretch out in. Once we have it all booked, I plan to buy one (1) or two (2) of the large bath bombs to take with me. Like, I am specifically putting money aside to buy at least one (1) bath bomb to help complete my vacation plans.

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    1. It’s called Lifted Ladies and it is awesome! You have to follow them on Instagram and watch their posts for the days the box goes on sale, though, because they sell out very quickly. If it hadn’t been so long since I had purchased one of their boxes, I would write a review about it.

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