OG Kush is probably one of, if not the most popular strains on the face of the Earth. Since the Early 90’s the OG Kush strain has been crossed with anything and everything and puppy milled like no other cut except maybe Girl Scout Cookies which is also an OG Kush hybrid. If I was to ballpark it, I’d say that I’ve probably sampled over 100+ different Kush variations with less than 50% of them being legitimate genetics…if that. More often than not, I’m left disappointed after what I believe to be the True OG turns out to be more like False OG. Anyways, I’ll stop complaining now and get to the review as I recently picked up a sample of some True OG from Errl’s aka Mantis Extracts out of Washington State for $17 USD gram. Unfortunately, Mantis Extracts closed its doors earlier this year, so this is some of the last of their product on the market.
At first glance, the True OG live resin was a bit on the dark side but had a light caramel hue when I put her up to the light. I decided to use my Toro Glass bubbler for the session and as soon I opened the jar, I was able to smell a nice bouquet of diesel and citrus. As I dipped my nail into the resin, I was very pleased with the consistency of the extract as it reminded me of thin honey. Once the dab hit my quartz banger, I could instantly taste hints of gas and earthy lemons. On exhale, I instantly felt the stone but it wasn’t too heavy. After another dab, I was definitely stoned but not at the level I expect from a live resin. Now don’t get me wrong, the True OG got me high but not in a narcotic way. I was able to function just fine and felt stoned but in my opinion, there are better samples out there to be had. In terms of pain relief, the True OG was acceptable and did seem to also help with my anxiety and stress, but wasn’t what I would call medicinal.
At the end of the day, I found the True OG resin to be decent for the price point, but not up to par with the majority of extracts on the market. When it came to her strength and potency, this was a very mellow high that left me a bit disappointed so I gave it a score of 7.1/10. In terms of her flavor and pungency, I enjoyed the terpene profile but it was not pronounced enough, so I gave the True OG live resin a score of 7.3/10. Sadly, this is one of the lowest total scores I’ve given this year so I’d have to say steer clear of this True OG if you see it around.

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