I’ll admit, I’m pretty spoiled these days when it comes to being able to sample so many different strains from different markets. See, I live in Washington State but I’m only about a 15-minute drive from Portland, Oregon. What that means is I have well over 100+ dispensaries within a 10-mile radius to choose from. Sometimes I forget how lucky I truly am…but not very often. The other day, I took a quick trip across the Columbia River to visit one of my favorite shops in all of Portland, Left Coast Connection, to pick up something new and exciting and boy did I find it. I was able to grab some Dosi aka Dosidos live resin from Mana Extracts based out of the Rose City, for just $21 USD a gram. To give you a little background on her lineage, Dosidos is a locally bred Indica-Dominant hybrid that crosses OGKB Girl Scout Cookies with Faceoff OG (bx1) and has a reputation for being a delicious as well as intoxicating treat.


At first glance, the Dosi live resin had a beautiful clear golden color and a consistency that appeared thin and saucy, just the way I like it. I decided to use my Mobius Glass bubbler and as soon as I opened the jar I was hit in the nose with deep hints of lemon and gas with an almost creamy back. As I dug my nail into the gorgeous resin, I was absolutely stunned by how pungent her terpene profile was. I was easily able to grab a nice greasy glob and as I dropped it into the quartz banger, was immediately stunned by the delicious diesel and citrus flavors that were thick on my palate. As I exhaled, my body instantly felt the strength of the Dosi and I was left dazed and confused. This is some heavy-duty gear so I do not recommend the Dosi for the beginner as it had me fully couch-locked for a good hour. The next hour was spent completely ripped and smiling from ear to ear. Overall, the Dosidos was able to provide me with the pain relief I desire along with some major stress relief and relaxation. Just be warned, this goodness will give you some serious munchies as I literally ate myself to sleep.


What can I say, the Dosi live resin had every single thing I look for in a top-shelf extract. In regards to the taste and pungency, the Dosidos was beyond flavorful. The strong gas and lemon notes had me tasting her well after exhale so I gave it a 9.8/10 making it one of the highest scores I’ve given this year. When it came to her strength and potency, this was some cup level resin and left me as stoned as I’ve been in quite a while so I gave the Dosi a 9.7/10 putting her near the top of the list for “Extract of the Year.” In closing, if you’re looking for a delicious and heady strain that deserves respect, this is without question, all of that and then some.

dosi live resin

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