What an amazing time to be alive. To be able to legally walk into a dispensary and purchase cannabis without fear of punishment is a dream come true for most of us. And recently, through the magic of science and culinary art along with legalization, we are starting to see edible cannabis products that are game-changing. Just the other day I had THC-infused cannabis sugar that turned my morning tea into a true wake and bake. This week I found something absolutely insane, THC-Infused Sriracha Tincture. Sriracha, known for it’s sweet and spicy garlic flavor plus the added effects of THC is almost too much for my brain to process. I love Sriracha on pretty much everything. From ramen to french fries, I have so many favorite uses for Sriracha and when you add in the ability to catch a buzz while eating it, I was sold.

This Sriracha Tincture is made by a local company out of Washington State named Fairwinds Cannabis Co. and is actually made in house by using Avocado Oil and Cannabis Oil along with their own mix of peppers and spices. It isn’t thick like original Sriracha Sauce yet it is more of a thinner product as a little goes a long way. On the front of the box is a ridiculous label that says, “Pho King Hot”, which I could do without, but we’ll save that for another time. Upon opening the container, I could smell the strong garlic Sriracha smell I was used to and decided to place a drop on my tongue to taste it and wow this stuff is not only delicious but super spicy. It might even be spicier than the original Sriracha. Make sure and be careful as it is easy to go through the entire bottle that contains 100mg’s of THC oil, but is only about 1/2 oz (0.44oz) of Sriracha Tincture.

I imagine this tincture would be the perfect additive for some pho or ramen but I decided to try some by mixing it into ketchup and mayonnaise to create a spicy mayo and then dipping my shoestring french fries into it. At first taste it took a second or two for the heat to hit but oh boy it was there. I could taste the delicious peppers and couldn’t really taste any cannabis oil which I didn’t mind. All I was able to taste was the wonderful flavor of Sriracha that I’ve grown to love. After finishing my fries and sauce that I’d estimate had 20mg’s of THC in it,  I could feel a little stoned. I wasn’t baked at all but I felt light and could tell it was there. I was relaxed and enjoyed the high immensely. As for the spice, my mouth was on fire so it was definitely spicy and not for the weak. All in all, I would definitely recommend the Sriracha Tincture to anyone that is a fan. At a price of just $25USD for the tincture it wasn’t easy on the pocketbook, but definitely worth the try. Overall, I found the THC infused Sriracha Tincture to be a quality product and very similar to the flavor of original Sriracha without any discernable cannabis flavor. The stone wasn’t too heavy but did the job. Look out for it on your next trip to the dispensary if you can stand the heat.


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