For almost a decade, the Girl Scout Cookies strain has been a staple on dispensary shelves across the Country. From the original Forum cut and the Thin Mint to mashups like the Animal Cookies, so many variations of the strain have made their way onto the scene over the last few years. To give you a little background, the GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) is a hybrid of OG Kush crossed with Durban Poison, making it one of the most highly sought after strains in the cannabis community for potency as well as flavor.

Recently, on a trip to my local shop, I found a brand new hybrid by the name of Do-si-dos (GSC X Face Off OG) so I decided to pull the trigger. A Do-si-dos is a peanut butter sandwich girl scout cookie, so as a huge fan of the confection, I was extremely excited to give this one a whirl. I paid $25USD for the eighth, which isn’t too bad for Washington prices and at first glance I could see the nugs were perfectly trimmed and looked like dense little buds of joy. Light green and purple with a nice coating of resin, I could tell this batch was grown with some love. Upon opening the jar, I was hit with an earthy diesel funk that had hints of light mint and lemon throughout. Sadly, I didn’t smell peanut butter but there was a creaminess to the aroma which I can kind of see where the name came from. We decided to roll this up in a joint and once broken up the diesel and earthiness were prevalent. On first inhale I was hit hard with deep flavors of skunk and gas and surprisingly a smooth buttery finish. I took a second puff and could definitely taste the skunk and cream in the background as the full-bodied high started to set in. Within a few minutes, my eyes had become heavy and I was slowly feeling it from head to toe. I wouldn’t say that this is a stone that will put you to sleep but instead have you floating for a few hours. A couple more hits and I was beyond relaxed and feeling the effects. I would say this strain is great for pain relief as I suffer from back issues and it was extremely helpful in alleviating my symptoms.

In terms of aroma and pungency, the Dosidos strain was absolutely delicious and at the end of the day, I gave her a 9.3 as I really enjoyed her creamy diesel notes and buttery finish. Potency wise, she was good but not too strong so I gave her an 8.5 as it took me almost a half of a joint to get me nice and ripped. All in all, this was a very nice strain that I recommend you try if you find it on your local dispensary shelf.

Do-Si-Dos strain review


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