When you’re in a new dispensary for the first time, excited to get that first timer discount, you can feel a little overwhelmed. I decided it had been a while since I had a vape cartridge. I tend to try not to buy them too regularly, because I smoke vape them way too fast- the convenience and discretion make them way too tempting to control myself… but I thought maybe I could have one for a weekend plane trip I had to take.

The Moxie version of Peach Rings that I tried, however, was just way too tasty. In under 2 weeks, I vaped the whole half gram cartridge, which cost me only 30$ because of my first timer discount. Without the discount, the cartridge would have cost me nearly 50$ and I can’t deny that I would have been less happy about that price.

The high was at least delightful and not overwhelming, like the shopping experience itself. Peach Rings is a popular hybrid, usually extremely crystallized in its flower form. The scent and flavor profile is surprisingly accurate. I feel like vapor always kicks the high in faster than flower alone, and Peach Rings is already known to have a fast come up. The immediate wave of calm and joy came over me, that ultimately relaxed my aching back and putting me in a noticeably better mood.

I don’t know that I can wholeheartedly recommend this strain for the daytime- taking a hit before attempting to be productive required a decent side-serving of caffeine to go with it. I personally love a good combination of relaxing weed with the lifeblood that is coffee, but some smokers prefer to feel the effects unfettered by other chemicals. I’m always looking for the right combination of states to reach the closest to “optimal” that I think I can feel. For me, a good hybrid makes an excellent daytime, work-friendly strain, because I know I’m going to have caffeine anyway. The taste and smell of Peach Rings actually goes perfect with green tea, which gave me a better attitude to tolerate the day’s bullshit, while the tea kept me from scrolling through social media with half-lidded eyes, snorting to myself in laughter occasionally. Right before going into Captain Marvel, I hit my Peach Rings vape, and believe I enjoyed the movie considerably more having the vape.

I wouldn’t pay the full price (at least the costs in Santa Monica) for this particular cartridge again, but for a sale item, I was quite satisfied. While I have yet again proven that I need to discipline myself when in possession of a cartridge, I really enjoyed the taste and feeling Peach Rings delivers. A great strain for lazy sunday picnics this Spring, if you can find it for a reasonable flower price, or in a vape on sale.

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