I’ve been smoking my fair share of indica’s recently so I decided to switch it up the other day with a very interesting sativa named Hazelnut Cream. I received the test nugs from my grower friend who lives in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California so I knew it was grown properly with care and love. Hazelnut cream is known to be a sativa dominant hybrid that crosses Miami Haze with Cookies and Cream. Now, I’ve never had Miami Haze so I was very excited to give this particular cut a whirl.

Upon first look, these nugs were perfectly manicured dense nuggets coated in a thick layer of amber trichomes with beautiful lime green and orange colors. After opening the bag I could smell a creamy funk that filled the room with the smells of sweet coffee and haze notes. I decided to pack a bowl in my Mobius Matrix bong and upon breaking her up I was hit in the face with a very spicy and earthy aroma that truly had a nutty finish. I could understand why they called her Hazelnut Cream. On inhale I could taste the creamy notes that reminded me of a delicious vanilla latte with a hint of skunk. Smooth and mellow I was very pleased with the overall experience however the potency left me wanting more. After a second rip, I could feel the stone behind the eyes but it was very cerebral and heady. I found myself getting lost in thought which unfortunately did not help with my anxiety. Sometimes I find sativa’s to give me almost too much energy and this was one of those times. I prefer to feel more relaxed and calm but unfortunately, the Hazelnut Cream had me wanting to reorganize my kitchen drawers and do my taxes. Which at times I do need but today I was looking for more of a relaxing high without the extreme couchlock and this was just the opposite as it had my ADD and OCD working overdrive which actually left me incapacitated.

Everyone is different so this might be the right strain if you’re looking for some super sativa energy and focus, but I did not find this strain to assist me at all with my pain and anxiety the way I need. It had me a bit shaky and nervous so I would not recommend it for folks who are looking for a heavier medicinal high. If I was playing sports or going for a jog this might have been a perfect strain.

At the end of the day, I would give the Hazelnut Cream an 8.5 when it came to pungency and flavor as I really enjoyed the earthy and creamy notes that it delivered. As for potency, I had to give it an 8.0 as it’s definitely strong but in an energetic super focused way. If I had to write a term paper or entertain a bunch of kids this might just be my go to.


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