There are so many new cannabis products on the market these days.

From CBD gummies to THC infused soda pop there are countless new ways to experience the amazing powers of this magical plant. Recently I saw a THC infused Siracha sauce, which I’ll be buying and reviewing very soon. But today’s review is for a brand new product, THC infused plain sugar made by a well-known producer named Phat Panda here in Washington State called “Hot Sugar Plain Sugar“. Yes, you heard it right, weed sugar. Want to add a little boost to your morning coffee or your Iced Tea? Just add a packet of Hot sugar and voila, it shall be done. If you have recipes that call for sugar but no butter or oil, then this is your savior.

I decided for my test I would add some of the infused sugar to my morning matcha tea and upon opening the bag, I noticed a slight earthy aroma within the sugar crystals themselves. It wasn’t strong but it was definitely noticeable. The entire bag comes with 10 individual 10mg servings so I decided to stirred one full serving it into my hot matcha for a good 10 seconds in order to make sure it was completely dissolved and when I put my nose to my cup I could smell the good old scent of cannabis. It wasn’t too strong at all and was actually very pleasant. On my first sip, I was hit with the deep green tea Flavor of matcha but the sweetness was exactly like normal sugar other than when I was hit on my palette with the instantly recognizable flavor of weed. Not too weedy, but it was absolutely there and discernable. I instantly took another sip to confirm what I had just experienced and wow, this was better than any matcha I had had in a while. Within a good 10 minutes, I was feeling a calmness that was on a different level than any normal Matcha I’d ever sampled. I was slowly melting into the couch but still very aware and focused. It was nothing like the rush you get when smoking a joint while sipping on a cup of coffee. Instead, there was this mellow energy that I have never felt with just tea. Throughout the entire cup, the weed flavor remained and I was definitely impressed.

Overall, I have to give the THC infused sugar from Hot Sugar a 9.0 in terms of flavor as it was delicious and tasted just like pure cane sugar with a hint of cannabis from start to finish. As for the Potency, I’m going to rate it an 8.5 as it doesn’t get you baked but instead seems to provide a nice mellow stone that still allows you to get your work done while relieving some pain. At the end of the day at a price point of $15 for 10 individual 10mg packets, this stuff is definitely worth every penny.

Hot Sugar THC infused sugar

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