On my recent trip to my local dispensary, I was looking for something new to melt in my dab rig. After a few minutes of perusing the shelves, I landed my eye on an interesting flavor in the Nightmare Cookies BHO Wax from WA Grower out of Washington State for just $17 USD a gram. To give you a little strain lineage background, Nightmare Cookies is a Sativa-Dominant hybrid (60/40) bred by crossing White Nightmare and Girl Scout Cookies to create a Sativa that is said to be quite devastating. I had heard nothing but positive reviews about the Nightmare Cookies so I was jazzed to give her a try.


I decided to go with my Toro Glass Bubbler for this session and upon opening the jar, I was able to smell the Nightmare Cookies’ interesting flavor profile that offered mild notes of diesel and cream with a hint of pine. The smell wasn’t overwhelming but it was definitely noticeable. In terms of appearance, this gear was absolutely gorgeous as she reminded me of beautiful bright golden diamonds in the light. Sadly, the consistency was very brittle and a little difficult to work with so that was a tad disappointing. Once I was able to grab a nice-sized dab, I put it into the quartz banger and it was take-off time. Immediately, I found myself choking on a wonderful bouquet of jet fuel and pine, that I was able to taste on my tongue well after exhale. This was some heavy gear as I was feeling the stone right away in my head and slowly felt it creep down to my toes. I wouldn’t describe this as devastating as I was still able to focus and had lots of good energy which must have been the Sativa within the hybrid. In regards to my chronic pain, I found the Nightmare Cookies was perfect for relieving it. I also found the Nightmare Cookies to be great for stress relief as I was smiling for the entire night.


Overall, I absolutely enjoyed the Nightmare Cookies Wax, especially at a price of just $17 a gram. In regards to her taste and pungency, the Nightmare Cookies had a nice flavor profile that reminded me of many of Girl Scout Cookies cuts but with more of the Pine back so I gave her a score of 8.9/10. When it came to her strength and potency, the Nightmare Cookies was a perfect hybrid for me that kept me stoned like an Indica but still provided me wonderful energy like a Sativa so I gave it a score of 9.1/10. In the end, the Nightmare Cookies was a delightful sample that I would definitely recommend if you see it on a shelf near you, especially at its low cost.

Nightmare Cookies Wax

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