I’ve had a great start to 2020 when it comes to finding awesome new strains around town. Recently, on a trip to one of my favorite dispensaries, Americanna RX in Portland, Oregon, I came across another strain I had heard absolutely nothing about in the Mob Boss Live Resin from Boblsed Extracts also out of the Rose City for just $20 USD. Now, to give you a little background lineage, Mob Boss is a Sativa Dominant Hybrid from Grindhouse Medical Seeds out of California that crosses Chemdawg D and Tang Tang to create a Sativa that is said to be potent as well as delicious.


I decided to use my Mobius Stereo Matrix Bubbler for this session and as soon as I opened the jar to the Mob Boss Live Resin I could smell mellow notes of Lemons, Tangerines, and Diesel. The bouquet wasn’t as strong as I had hoped for but it was prevalent and unique. As I dug my glass nail into the resin, I was very pleased with the consistency which was a little waxy but also saucy and very easy to work with, As soon as my dab hit the quartz banger, I was able to taste more of her citrus flavors and upon exhale I was feeling it in the head. The Mob Boss had a very heady buzz that reminded me of some spacey Sativa”s but this still allowed me to focus as I had work to get done. In terms of stress and pain relief, I found the Mob Boss to be decent for my chronic pain relief but had me a bit anxious and over-thinking at times. There was one moment where I misplaced my keys three times in a matter of minutes so the Mob Boss is definitely a very spacey strain.


At the end of the day, the Mob Boss Live Resin had its moments but it didn’t live up to my expectations. When it came to her taste and pungency, the Mob Boss had the citrus and gas flavors I enjoy but they just weren’t very pronounced so I had to give the Mob Boss a score of 8.0/10. In terms of her strength and potency, I also found the Mob Boss to be lacking as her high had my mind racing but didn’t provide me the relaxation I so desire so I ended up giving it a score of just 7.9/10. This is definitely the lowest score I have given for a live resin in some time so I would absolutely recommend steering clear of the Mob Boss if you see it on a shelf near you.

Mob Boss Live Resin

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