I’ll be honest, I’m not usually a Shatter person. I find the consistency of the extract difficult to work with at times and the quality to not be up to par with live resins or sugar waxes. But recently on a trip to one of my favorite dispensaries in all of Portland, Oregon, Americanna RX, I came across a new flavor in the Zkittles Shatter from Emerald Extracts out of the Rose City for the low price of just $12 USD a gram. To give you a little strain lineage background, The Zkittles is an Indica-Dominant hybrid bred by Dying Breed Seeds out of Northern California, that combines Grape Ape with Grapefruit to create a strain that is said to be a delicious treat. I was a bit hesitant to pull the trigger at the price point but this shatter looked legit so I said what the heck?


I decided to use my Mothership Faberge Egg Bubbler for this session and upon opening the cellophane to this shatter I could smell mellow hints of sweet citrus and cherry. As for the look of this gear, the Zkittles was a gorgeous light golden color and had the perfect consistency which was more of a pull and snap than a true Shatter. I was easily able to grab a nice-sized dab on my glass nail and once it made contact with the quartz banger I could instantly taste more of the Zkittles orange and cherry bouquet with a hint of grape on the finish. As for the stone, the Zkittles wasn’t that strong and after a second solid rip, I felt a nice calm stone that had me relaxed but not ripped. This is the type of extract I’d want for a museum or a traffic diversion class. I was high but I was also able to fully focus. I didn’t notice too much on the pain relief end but my stress level was definitely manageable.


Overall, I truly enjoyed the Zkittles Shatter and found it to be great for the early part of the day. When it came to her taste and pungency, I liked the candy-flavored profile of the Zkittles and for the price of just $12, I was more than pleased so I gave her a score of 8.3/10. When it came to the Zkittles’ strength and potency, I found her to be more like a Sativa but still able to get me high after two solid dabs. By no means will this get you destroyed but at this stuff got the job done and for that reason, I gave the Zkittles a score of 8.0/10. At the end of the day, the Zkittles isn’t going to win any awards but if you’re looking for something cheap and able to satisfy, look no further than this tasty treat.

Zkittles Shatter

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