On my recent trip to my favorite dispensary named Americanna RX in Portland, Oregon, I was looking for something new to dazzle the palate. Within minutes of browsing the shelves, I came across an interesting name in The Sauce Live Resin from Bobsled Extracts based out of the Rose City for $20 USD that I just had to sample. To give you a little strain lineage, the Sauce is a Sativa-Dominant Hybrid bred by Exotic Genetics out of the Pacific Northwest, that combines Green Ribbon with Gorilla Glue #4 to create a cross that has won many awards and is said to be a tasty treat, so I was beyond excited to get a hold of some.


I decided to use my buddies Puffco Peak for this session and opening the jar to the Sauce, I was hit in the face with heavy notes of mint and pine along with a nice hashy finish. The Sauce itself had an almost honey-like consistency and looked like golden syrup in the light at first glance. As I dug my nail into the resin, I was very happy with the Sauce as it was very easy to grab a good-sized dab and as soon as the Puffco hit the right temperature, I could instantly feel the stone take hold in my head and slowly work itself down to my feet. This was some strong gear but not devastating at all as I was able to focus while still feeling super baked. This was a perfect Sativa to give me the energy I needed to get up and walk some dogs as I have been doing that as a side gig in my off-time. I also felt The Sauce was great for my pain relief and didn’t give me too much anxiety for a Sativa which were both huge positives. As for the flavor of the sauce, upon exhale, I was able to taste delicious notes of pine and mint with slight hints of hash and guava. The bouquet was just wonderful and left me wanting more.


In the end, I found The Sauce was a wonderful Sativa that did the trick without getting me overly-focused. When it came to her strength and potency, I loved how The Sauce got me baked while also giving me energy but didn’t have me feeling like I’d just put down a double espresso. Instead, I felt calm and mellow while still having the energy to take care of the task at hand so I gave her a score of 9.2/10. In regards to her flavor and pungency, I found The Sauce to be delicious and delivered a wonderful mix of tasty flavors so I gave her a score of 9.4/10. Overall, I absolutely enjoyed The Sauce and found it to be the perfect strain for the daytime. I would definitely recommend you pick some up if you are lucky enough to find some in your neck of the woods.

Sauce Live Resin

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