When it comes to cannabis strains, Blueberry and Northern Lights are two of the most prolific strains to ever be had. These are considered heirlooms that garner so much love and respect in the marijuana industry. So when I walked into my favorite dispensary in all of Oregon in Americanna RX and saw the Blueberry Northern Lights Live Resin from Hush Extracts for the very low price of just $15 USD, I was beyond jazzed to give her a try. Now the strain is exactly the way it reads as this cross is the famed Blueberry cut X Northern Lights which are both heavy Indica’s that have won numerous awards and have earned major respect in cannabis circles across the globe. NL X BLueberry is a well-known strain that I first sampled in Amsterdam so I couldn’t wait to taste this girl.


I decided to use my Mobius Bubbler for this sample and upon opening the jar I was able to smell mellow notes of Diesel and Blueberry with a hint of Pine. As I dug my glass nail into the live resin I was smiling as the Blueberry Northern Lights appeared to be a perfect Badder consistency and was very easy to grab a nice-sized glob of. The resin itself was a beautiful light off-white color that resembled an almost clear glue and once it made contact with the quartz banger, it was straight blast-off time. I was instantly hit in the face by a nice heavy stone that had my eyes shut for a couple of seconds as I was stuck trying to catch my breath. The Blueberry Northern Lights wasn’t a couch-lock high but it was a solid stone that kept me baked for a solid two hours after two dabs. As for her flavor, the exhale was tasty and had definite notes of pine and blueberries with that all familiar diesel finish. It wasn’t overwhelming but had a nice bouquet to her. I also enjoyed the Blueberry NL as it totally relieved my stress and anxiety and helped to relieve my back and neck pains.


All in all, the Blueberry Northern Lights was a wonderful sample that wouldn’t take home any awards but definitely got the job done, especially at her price point of just $15. When it came to her taste and pungency she had light pine and blueberry diesel flavors that didn’t last too long on the palate so I only gave her a score of 8.8/10 but still decent. In terms of her strength and potency, I enjoyed the Blueberry Northern Lights but wished it had a little more headiness so I gave her a score of just 9.0/10 but still solid when considering the ticket. Overall, I liked the Blueberry Northern Lights and would absolutely recommend it if you can find it at that low price. At the end of the day she had a nice flavor and a solid stone so you won’t be disappointed with the Blueberry Northern Lights especially at the low cost.


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