Rainbow Punch sounds like a flavor of the Hawaiian Punch juice drink that you loved as a kid but it’s actually a wonderfully complex indica dominant hybrid. I’m a big fan of this strain for its ability to achieve a nice balance between the traditional indica effects and the characteristic sativa strain effects.


The Rainbow Punch strain is an indica dominant hybrid strain from THC Design. I’ve reviewed one of their strains before called Mandarin God if you want to check it out here. THC Design is a premium cannabis cultivator here in the state of California. THC Design practices sustainability and constantly takes proactive steps to reduce their carbon footprint, like using renewable energy resources. They are also known for supporting the cannabis industry through national and local advocacy groups to address access to and research of cannabis, as well as legalization. You can read more about them on their website, thcdesign.com.


Off the bat, the Rainbow Punch strain has an alluring aroma that entices you to examine it a little closer. The nugs are vast in size ranging from small to fairly large. It came packaged in a study glass jar labeled with all pertinent information like THC and CBD content as well as other tidbits. The nugs are colored in a stunning mix of green, orange, and purple. There’s a generous coating of pale amber trichomes on the outside of the bud that coats the fingers instantly. A grinder would be useful to those looking to save the kief, otherwise it’s not a necessity.


My batch of the Rainbow Punch strain tested at 21.83% THC, 0.04% CBD, and 25.25% total active cannabinoids. This strain is really great at providing relaxation after a long day and also brings out the consumer’s creative side. It’s super easy to overestimate but even easier to exercise cautious portion control when it comes to consuming the Rainbow Punch strain by THC Design. I’ve tried this strain both first thing in the morning and before going to bed. The effects are the same but applied to different environments. This strain very much encourages the user to get into their own zone and get really intuitive with themselves. This can unfortunately be seen as distracted, unfocused, or oblivious in a public setting, which isn’t ideal, especially when you’re expected to be hyper alert. Things like what I described above can lead to overthinking or paranoia in consumers. Rainbow Punch is 100% best consumed at night. It is a nighttime strain and you’ll want a restricted amount of select sensory input when feeling the effects of Rainbow Punch.



Overall, this is an awesome strain if you love an almost instantaneous sense of calm with a nice boost in mood! I really like it and recommend this to other veteran consumers looking to switch up their routine and really balance an otherwise often unbalanced cannabis consumption diet. THC Design has been consistent in producing products that meet expectations and don’t sacrifice quality for affordability. Rainbow Punch is recommended for any cannabis lover to give a try! Let me know how you like it in the comments below!

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