The Purple Punch Ammo live resin strain is a must for every wax/concentrate/live resin enthusiast! It doesn’t take a lot of fancy equipment to get the great effects of this, but live resin does best with glass pieces and torches that can produce high heat. I’ve never been too into wax or live resin because it always seemed to get me much too high, much too quickly. I’ve learned through my own personal experience with the Purple Punch live resin by Ammo that live resin doesn’t have to a daunting experience, especially for a seasoned cannabis consumer.


The Purple Punch live resin I tried is from Ammo. I’d never heard of them before but someone recommended it to me, so I decided to give it a try despite lacking some equipment and being skeptical on the price tag. I’m not a wax, concentrate, or live resin expert, but I love having some if it’s offered, especially at a party with friends and with a proper glass setup! The glass ensures you get the full flavor and aroma of the live resin as well as maximum instantaneous effect!


The Purple Punch live resin from Ammo is incredibly sticky. The color is a perfect golden yellow that is so light you can almost see through it. At room temperature the Purple Punch live resin holds its shape solidly which made it incredibly hard to open the jar at first. The live resin sealed the jar shut. I used a key to pry the jar open and marveled at the stretch of live resin oozing from the jar like honey.


There are a multitude of ways that you can use live resin, two of the main basics being using a rig or putting the resin in a blunt. Live resin is extremely potent and although it looks like a small amount, there are many servings in that tiny glass jar. Hitting wax or resin from a glass piece aka a bong or rig can be super harsh on the lungs and the effects come on strong and fast. When I say strong and fast, I mean by the time I’m done coughing from one fat rip, I feel absolutely loaded. Putting live resin in a blunt with flower can be a great way to prolong the onset of those intense feelings and to stretch an expensive product! The effects of the Ammo live resin leave consumers feeling relaxed, hungry, euphoric, and calm.



In all honesty, I ordered this live resin by Ammo by accident. I was under the impression I would be getting the flower strain Purple Punch. When I got the live resin, I almost instantly tried to find a friend to pawn it off too, claiming I didn’t have the right equipment and couldn’t use it. After finding no one to take the Purple Punch live resin off my hands, I decided to find a way to use it and get the most out of it. I’m so glad that I didn’t give this away. The live resin by Ammo was so glossy, fragrant, and super potent. It smoked amazingly well, whether I rolled it in a blunt with flower or put it in a bowl. This is a 100% must try. I highly recommend it to everyone, from people with little to no experience with live resin, to expert live resin users. You’ll love it!

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