Mandarin God is a hybrid cannabis strain by THC Design. They claim it to be a revitalizing and calming hybrid that helps to focus your creative spark and is an awesome daytime smoke! They’re pretty correct. Mandarin God is a crowd-pleasing smoke that arrives via a Grape God x Mandarin Sunset pairing. This Sativa-dominant hybrid has light green flowers with very prominent, fiery orange hairs and a healthy coat of trichomes. Overall, it’s super worth a try and your time. You’re sure to love your experience with it because I sure did.



THC Design is an industry-leading company that cultivates cannabis and is paving the way for the future of cannabis cultivation. CEO and cofounder Ryan Jennemann asserts that from beginning to end, their product is certified organic. He says in an interview with Civilized, “He says, “Seventy percent of the food that goes into the plant is organic. One hundred percent of what we spray on the plant is organic. Whether it’s a pesticide or a fungicide, one hundred percent of what we spray on the plant is not only organic by the USDA standards, it’s organic with unlimited use by the Oregon Tilt. Oregon has the most strict agricultural laws in the country. The United States version of organic isn’t exactly what we think of as organic. The Oregon version of organic is what you think of as organic.” THC Design sells three main products: packaged flower, prerolls, and clones. The prepackaged eighths come labeled with all pertinent info like THC and CBD content. The batch that I got tested at 10.1% THC with 11.94% total active cannabinoids. A cannabinoid is one of a class of diverse chemical compounds that acts on cannabinoid receptors, also known as the endocannabinoid system in cells that alter neurotransmitter release in the brain. In short, the cannabinoids are what psychoactively and chemically interact with your brain to make you high.




Mandarin God is a very fluffy and frosty flower. It possesses plump, delicate green buds that crumble under the slightest pressure and produce a ton of fragrant, amber trichomes. The saffron-colored pistils shine through the light green exterior of the nugs. The nugs range in size from medium to large. The smell is very bright although I can’t exactly place the scent of mandarin. The flavor is a subtle sweetness over a traditional earthy taste.





The Mandarin God Strain provides a clear headed, creative high that also stimulates relaxation and appetite while promoting sleep and a general sense of well-being. The Mandarin God strain is also great for a boost of energy and an enhancement in mood during early mornings! I’m usually not a morning person unless we’re talking late morning like 10am. That I can do. Mandarin God helps me survive the unfortunate agonizing reality of my alarm going off at 7:45am. It actually hyped me up and had me singing and— picture this — dancing to my music, windows open and everything! On the opposite side of the spectrum, Mandarin God has the impressive ability to make people tired if consumed in a large enough quantity. It’s helped me wind down and relax after a workout and prepare for bed at the end of the workday. I’ve just finished enjoying it as I type this and although I’m hungry, the idea of stepping even a toe out of bed right now is absolutely unfathomable. The best I can compromise with myself on is store-bought frozen dumplings, but even that seems like a large, tedious, and arduous task.




You should 100% try the Mandarin God strain by THC Design. It’s probably one of my favorite hybrids right now. THC Design is doing everything right with not just this strain, but their process and business as well.


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