The Cheesecake strain is a hybrid by Island Co. that is cultivated with utmost of attention to detail, responsibly sourced, and made in small batches to assure the highest quality of freshness. If you’re into complex, small-batch hybrids, the Cheesecake strain was made with you in mind.


Cheesecake was developed by Island Co. Island Co was established in Los Angeles in 2014 with the goal of responsibly producing artisanal quality cannabis products. All their products are made in small batches to keep the level and standard of quality and freshness very high. All their cannabis is sourced locally here in California from cultivators who share the same vision and enthusiasm for the craft. The level of care really shines through in their cannabis products. The Cheesecake strain is impeccable from its appearance to its flavor and aroma. The exact lineage of this strain is a bit of a mystery as there isn’t any information on it online. My best guess would be that the strain Cheese is one of the parent strains that create the Cheesecake we know and love.


The cured buds of Cheesecake are an array of medium to dark greens with vivid orange pistils and generous sprinkle of trichomes. The Cheesecake strain has very hard stems that I would recommend avoiding breaking up with your bud. This strain in particular is a super sticky bud. A grinder is recommended for use of this strain to help reduce clumping together of already broken-down weed. It also helps to refine the consistency of the flower for rolling. This strain boasts bright green nugs threaded with orange pistils. The nugs of the Cheesecake strain are coated in thick layer of pale yellow trichomes. The Cheesecake strain smells like a thick slice of classic NY style cheesecake. You can smell the graham cracker crust and that luxurious, velvety cheesecake. It’s astonishing and impressive how they managed to get that smell in something that’s not an actual food item.


The batch of the Cheesecake hybrid strain that I got tested at 17.97% THC and 0.04% CBD. The effects of the Cheesecake strain leave consumers feeling relaxed, tired, hungry, happy, and euphoric. The Cheesecake strain would be great for consumers dealing with insomnia or appetite issues as well as anxiety and stress. The THC content of this strain makes it pretty versatile and effective for a large variety of issues and concerns. Don’t expect to get much done after consuming Cheesecake because you may feel a bit tired as the high intensifies.




Overall, the Cheesecake strain by Island Co. is undeniably powerful and delightful smoking experience. The nice balance of CBD and THC makes this strain effective for a wide variety of consumers. Fans of hybrids in particular will love the effects and flavor of this strain. If you’re in the California area, be sure to swing by your local dispensary and give the Cheesecake strain by Island Co. a try. You’re sure to be satisfied. For more exotic and rare strain reviews, check out!

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