The Buddha Company is a highly rated cannabis dispensary in DTLA. I work in the area and had heard about their great reputation so naturally, I wanted to check it out! I didn’t intend to purchase the full gram joint, but they happened to throw it in with my purchase for $1. The product itself is simple, yet well mastered. Usually, I pass on the house joints. This one is not to be skipped!



The Buddha Company is a dispensary in Downtown LA near the Fashion District. This preroll is one of their premium full gram joints. This dispensary has a bit of a bougie feel. Everything in there is prepackaged. There aren’t too many selections of premium flower of their own that they seem to carry aside from these full gram joints and a few name strains like Platinum OG, Buddha’s Glue, Xamurai Jack, Zen Master OG, and a few more. According to their website, Buddha Company maintains their own 20,000 square foot growing facility onsite. They offer a nice selection of extracts, edibles, cartridges, and other accessories in their stores.



The full gram joint from Buddha Co. comes packaged in a plastic tube. The THC content is listed as 17.89%. The full gram joint I got was an indica. I was a bit skeptical about the potency of this joint because it only cost me $1. The full gram joint was expertly rolled, and baseball bat-shaped. It smoked evenly and elegantly to the very end. It wasn’t too harsh, but you could tell it was made from quality products. It’s not something you’d pull out if you were trying to be discreet. It’s not as sleek and inconspicuous as other prerolls like the Higgs or Lowell Farms prerolls.


The effects of the full gram joint from Buddha Co. leave the consumer feeling completely relaxed, calm, and stress-free while still being present, aware, and functional. The full gram joint offers a slight creative boost as well which is great for artists and other types of creators. The medical uses for this strain include stress, anxiety, ADHD, depression, insomnia, migraines, pain, minor injuries, menstrual cramps and more! The potency and versatility of this product make it accessible and useful for a wide range of people. Recreational consumers will enjoy the quality of the weed used and the potent effects that will leave you stuck to the couch for hours.



The Buddha Company’s full gram joint was a delightful little experience for an astounding price. The standard rule of thumb is to never get the house joints, but this is one house joint that for once isn’t absolute trash. This premium full gram joint from Buddha Company smacks. Period. No cap. Give it a shot the next time you’re in the downtown LA area and are looking for a quick, convenient, and potent smoke. If you have any other questions be sure to leave them in the comments below! Otherwise, stay tuned for more unique product and strain reviews!

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  1. Hi Rlalanne — This is Lawrence from The Buddha Company. What a wonderful article and review! Thank you! Please contact me at your earliest convenience at our Arts District location. 213-628-3144

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