Every so often I get on a little Sativa kick when I need more energy to walk my dogs during the day as my other job is a Dogwalker. Now, I love me some Indica’s but I find it hard to stay energized with those heady strains when the Sun is out. Recently, on my trip into Portland, Oregon I came across a new Sativa I’d never heard of in the Star Duster Nug Run Wax from Beehive Extracts in collaboration with Cascadia Elevated Agriculture, both located in the Rose City, for $24 USD a gram. To give you some lineage background, Star Duster, which was bred by Dynasty Seeds also out of Oregon is an 80/20 Sativa that crosses Sour Diesel with Ms.Universe to create a strain that is said to be long-lasting and perfect for daytime use.

I decided to use my new Mothership Beaker rig for this session and upon opening the jar of the Star Duster I could smell mellow tones of what I’d describe as jet fuel and sour cherries. As for the look of this extract, it was beautiful and reminded of beautiful golden-amber colored caviar with a healthy amount of terpenes. The consistency of the Star Duster was saucy and easy to work with as I was able to grab a nice-sized dab and once it hit the quartz banger I was able to taste more of her cherry flavors as her high hit me smack dab in the head and had me zooming for a minute. Many Sativa’s can act as a stimulant for me and this was one of those hits that got my brain moving and put my head in the clouds. I could totally feel the high go from my head to my toes and I was feeling stoned but motivated as well. The Star Duster was a perfect Sativa as it gave a strong buzz and boost to get moving while still helping to relieve my chronic pains and stress without making my mind rush too much.

Overall, the Star Duster was a wonderful Sativa that did the trick for exactly what I was looking for. When it came to her Strength and Potency, the Star Duster provided me with a nice heady buzz that lasted for over two hours and gave me the energy to walk my two Australian Shepard’s so I gave her a score of 9.3/10. In terms of flavor and pungency, this is where the Star Duster fell short as her flavors were mild at best and provided a light bouquet of diesel and berries but nothing special, so I gave her a score of 8.2./10. In the end, I was expecting more from this Nug Run Wax and for the price, I feel quite disappointed. In the end, I would probably look for a better sample of this strain before giving up hope but I wouldn’t recommend it for those looking for more flavor and terpenes vs strength, especially with its $24$ price tag.

Star Duster Nug Run Wax

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