As an extract head aka dabber, I love all the different extract variations such as caviars, diamonds or Terp Sauces. On a recent visit to my local dispensary, I came across a new strain and extract type I’d wanted to try for some time in the Cherry OG Sugar Crystals from Bodhi High Extracts out of Washington State for $35 USD a gram. To give you a little background, the Cherry OG is a landrace 50/50 hybrid bred Emerald Triangle Seeds and is a cross between a Thai Sativa and an Afghani Indica that was backcrossed with its original Thai mother and then crossed again with Lost Coast OG. The strain is said to be a perfect hybrid for all-day productivity. I’ll be honest, I was so hesitant at the price point but Bodhi High is known for being one of the best producers in the game so I was willing to take a shot.


I decided to use my Toro Glass Bubbler for this session and upon opening the jar to the Crystals I was hit in the face with heavy notes of diesel and sweet maraschino cherries with a nice creamy skunk back. The Cherry OG Sugar Crystals had a terpene level of 12% and you could tell by the funk. As for the appearance and consistency of the Sugar Crystals, I would compare this to more of a Live Resin or a Badder as it was thick and saucy but very easy to work with. I grabbed a healthy-sized dab and as soon as it hit my quartz banger I was instantly hit in the head with a heavy stone that forced me to sit down and catch my breath. As I exhaled, I could taste the Cherry OG’s thick bouquet of Diesel and Skunk with a hint of sweet cherries or even strawberries. This stuff was absolutely delicious and hard-hitting as I was ripped after one nice-sized hit. This stuff was without question a one-hitter quitter that had me baked solid for at least two hours. Now, I wasn’t couch-locked but I was stoned and also energized so this definitely felt like a true 50/50 hybrid. The Cherry OG had a solid stone that still allowed me to focus and get some work done.


All in all, the Cherry OG Sugar Diamonds were a wonderful sample that didn’t disappoint one bit. When it came to her taste and pungency, the Cherry OG was so flavorful and I could taste her gas and fruity notes well after exhale so I gave her a score of 9.5/10 which is my highest flavor score of the Year so far. In regards to her strength and potency, the Cherry OG was a wonderful strain that provided a strong high without being incapacitated so I gave it a score of 9.1/10. Overall, I absolutely loved the Cherry OG Sugar Diamonds and even at the price point of $35, I would without question recommend her as a little of her went a long way and the stone was very longlasting.

Cherry OG Sugar CrystalsCherry OG Sugar Crystals

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