New decade, who dis? But seriously, it’s been such an exciting time to be a cannabis lover. Or perhaps you’ve become a cannabis lover because of these exciting times! Just a few short years ago, we were still calling dealers and waiting around, smoking dirt weed and stems or fretting the social and financial consequences of running a bad drug test. These were always so much more stressful than they should have been- there never should have been a legal problem to begin with, but social, racial, and economic factors made it so, and we’ve had to take the long road to get where we are now. What are some of the big new waves of the cannabis movement we might be able to look forward to this year, all around the world?

As many as 12 or more states could be looking at recreational legalization- that means we are THAT much closer to a totally weed-legal country! At least, in every state. The fed might take a few more years to come around.

Brazil’s health regulator approved guidelines for medicinal products that will be able to be legally manufactured in 2020.

Zambia has also legalized cannabis and export production, for medicinal and economic purposes.

5 European cannabis companies could go public, in an attempt to catch up to North America’s green boom.

Thailand will allow its citizens to grow medical marijuana and sell it back to the government.

Australia will provide millions of dollars to research cannabis for cancer patients.

SpaceX is going to launch cannabis and coffee cells to the International Space Station, where they can be studied in space to see how they are affected. Agricultural learnings are expected!

Expect a bigger variety of products in lower doses so you can micro- or macro-dose at your leisure.

More jobs will be needed in the cannabis industry, so if you’re looking to switch fields, now is a great time!

In Europe, Germany and Spain are set to make big strides in cannabis production this year- great for Portugal which has worked to pass legislature to grow in their excellent climate and employ an eager workers. 

Cannabis will still be heavily outlawed in areas like much of Africa and Northern Europe, so continue to check laws when you travel so you don’t end up in a Singapore prison.

As marijuana grows in popularity and acceptance, continue to count on cannabis content. Shows, movies and documentaries from literally any of your favorite streaming services, Netflix especially, will continue to be produced around weed themes. If you have a stoner script you’ve been trying to get off the ground, now is a good time to send it to Amazon.

Young people aged 18-25 have been using cannabis to treat depression most commonly, but that group is expected to expand in the new decade.

Just because everyone is trying to get in on the green does not mean all of your favorite brands will. Coca Cola has stated that they will not enter the cannabis market. Good thing there’s no shortage of medicated beverages and sodas you can already try.

And remember, even in these times of frustration, every day, progress happens. I for one am very optimistic about cannabis this near year, decade, and moment.


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