Not a single friend who I shared my Himalaya Sour Apple vape with this last week had a negative thing to say about it. In fact, quite the contrary, all of my stoner friends in Northern California enjoyed thoroughly and asked “Oh, wow, that hits great! So tasty… what is that?” And when I told them, there was little surprise. Apparently, Himalaya has been killin the game on vape cartridges and I haven’t been paying enough attention. My sister’s budtender boyfriend prefers their vapes, and it was the most popular cartridge amongst the tenders at my hometown’s local dispensary.

I was hard up for a cartridge after I had quickly vaped through my last gram in about a week, and was again confronted with a limited selection of dispensaries. All I can say is I am thankful for California’s laws, because I remember when the medical dispensary outside of my hometown was shut down and it was back to the hustle of buying from illicit farmers. Nowadays, there are a couple options to choose from in that small Northern California town. I had to hustle to get in before closing, but the polite budtender told me she had nothing but good things to say about Himalaya’s Sour Apple.

As always, seeking balance, I needed a hybrid, and this indica-dominant treat hit perfectly. The indica properties were pretty strong, but it was so delightfully sweet and tart, it was hard not to hit it maybe one too many times. The lethargic feeling moved in if I didn’t carefully dose, but also relied on it to bring me back to a calmer mood when the holiday seasonal stress became too much. A good indica is one of the surefire ways to manage my stress, and this Sour Apple absolutely delivered. If I go for this one again though, I might limit myself to 3-4 vapes during a period of crisis. Other than that, I would wait till closer to bedtime, or at least after dinner to dose stronger than that.

A higher tolerance like mine will still withstand it, and make this a fine option for smoking while with friends, but again, in very light doses. Himalaya is popular for focussing on single strains to deliver high potency and similarity to flower as possible. I can see why for heavier stoners, the brand holds their loyalty. I would definitely like to see what more spritely strains they have available for a more active high that I would like during a time where stress management is less of the top priority than plain fun. And while Sour Apple is one of those fruity, sweet, tangy strains that makes you want to keep hitting it… just try to control those sugar cravings. That was extremely difficult for me, which is something I need to consider when buying those overly delectable flavored vapes.

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