As I type, I feel as though it should be my last will and testament, for the end feels nigh. Perhaps I’m being too dramatic… flu and cold season is upon us (still not too late for a flu shot), but despite all my care to stay healthy, hydrated, and immune-strong, I’ve still been stricken with a lousy cold. When you’re a tried and true functioning stoner and cannabis lover, coming down with a cold is one of the most annoying conditions. It makes smoking flower so completely painful and unpleasant for me, I simply have to refrain. This wasn’t always the case- I needed my daily medicine and would agitate my already-raw throat and shuttered sinuses. Now, thanks to the excellent advancements in cannabis wellness products, there are ways to get dosed that can even help out while you’re feeling your sickest. Here are the kinds of products you should load up on and talk to your budtender about next time you’re in the shop. Fight the winter sniffles with the right kinds of cannabis.

Topicals, especially if they have a little menthol or heat. A Vick’s-style vapor rub, but medicated for that pain and inflammation works miracles. If your dispensary doesn’t quite have that scent, you can always add a few drops of tea tree oil or other essentials to your topical, or mix your favorite with a layer of Vick’s. Works like a charm.

Bath bombs and salts. Seriously, since I woke up feeling terrible 3 days ago, every day, the best I have felt was in the midst of my hour long hot soak. The steam and enveloping heat on my tired weak body penetrate the muscles, so to get the best healing benefits, I added CBD medicated epsom salts to my soak and felt incredible. Running a bath may seem like a lot of work (always keep your tub clean, friends), but it is so worth the relaxation if you’re too sick to function.

Medicated beverages and edibles. If you make a boiling hot tea, and add high-dosed medicated lemonade, you have made the perfect THC hot toddy to know you out. For good measure, treat yourself with at least 25mg of your favorite edible, or whatever you have on hand at least.

Lip balm. This may seem like a weird tip, but if you are blowing your nose and rubbing your dried out lips together as much as I am, that dosed chapstick will at least keep you from wanting to rub it off, for its sheer value. 

Vapes. I left this at the bottom, because people may want to abstain from vaping, as even short hits may irritate an already swollen throat. That said, I love to vape, and if I keep my hits to about 1 second long, an indica will go a long way in forcing my body to take the rest it needs.

Feel better, and never forget the healing properties of our favorite plant.

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