What do you like most about Girl Scout Cookies? Being an indica-dominant hybrid, this is one strain I return to consistently, for its ability to tread both worlds of sleepy relaxation and giggly euphoria. If you’re in pain, and want to feel good in just a few hits, Girl Scout Cookies is a sure fire way to handle that request. Typically, I like a high that will keep me from sinking into the couch, because I feel like I have so much to do, whether those tasks be physical or mental. Yet, most of my favorite and treasured activities happen on the couch. I love watching movies, and cuddling with my significant other, and playing video games, all on my comfy, cozy couch. So I’ve come to the mindset for those decided times when I want to unwind as fully as possible, a body relaxant like Girl Scout Cookies is more than acceptable.

What I especially like is when the right flavors come through in a smooth cartridge that won’t make me hack up a lung. This is especially important as I just got this Shatter Gold cartridge as I’m in the midst of my first crappy cold of 2020. Welcome to the new decade, my body is giving out on me. I can take a nice 2 second hit from this cartridge with hardly a throat clear. I would be giving a little cough regardless, but I can’t keep away from those soothing properties of GSC. I like the clean hit from Shatter Gold, but the flavor is still distinct. Earthy and a touch sugary, perfect for the sweet tooth in me. If you exhale slowly, you get that cookie-cannabis aroma so easily associated with this classic strain.

Considering a friend found Shatter Gold whole grams in the SoCal valley for a great deal, I was totally happy with this cartridge. Even without an excellent sale, which are common when you live in the land of California cannabis, I would still recommend this vape cartridge to most. The live cannabis terpenes give a smooth hit and clear profile, that’s super pleasant to the senses. Not all GSC vapes hit that cleanly and well, and will burn the back of your throat. All things in moderation, but I enjoy the light feeling of the vapor with the gradual high. It takes certainly more than 3 short hits to get me the desired GSC feeling, and I know there are fellow vapers who feel differently. One big vape hit to get them super baked is a great method. Less ingestion that way… but I enjoy a quick hit a few times an hour to the perfect GSC feeling I’m needing. When you enjoy cannabis as much as I do, you might be going through it a little faster than your average smoker. For a whole gram vape, I’m happy to have gone for Shatter Gold’s Girl Scout Cookies cartridge.

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