I received a lot of cartridges over the holiday break as Christmas presents. With family whose careers are cannabis, and my known penchant for the easy and fast-acting high available from vaping, there was no shortage of carts to try. HotNife makes an adorably packaged battery, charger, and cartridge set that my sister gifted me. I opened the delightful cylinder and found Dairy Queen in the cartridge. Thankfully, as I was headed to a music festival, Dairy Queen is a hybrid, like I love, but sativa dominant and more wakeful than sedating.

The cheesy aroma and flavor profile is not one I especially enjoy, but the fruity undertones actually make a decent combination. HotNife’s cartridge in particular was a little bit longer of a pull to get a good vapor, but it also made for a more subtle odor in the crowd. I felt like when I was pulling on my vape with Dairy Queen, the smell wasn’t so painfully obvious as weed. Still, creamy and smooth in taste.

Discretion in public is always a plus, even if these hits were generally smaller than other cartridges. It also saves the oil, so it took my friends and I longer to get through the Dairy Queen than our others- no small feat for 3 heavy cannabis loving women. Oddly enough, most reports of smoking Dairy Queen flower describe the smell as inevitably cannabis, so HotNife’s cartridge is a great alternative to enjoying this classic strain without outing yourself as a potent cannabis-smoker. Additionally, HotNife’s battery pen was super cute and sleep and gold, but not temperature adjustable. Having a hotter battery helped me hit this cartridge a little harder, but I liked the HotNife battery’s smaller size and kept it in my pocket easily. Another plus for secrecy, and the charger fits directly into a USB, which is also easy. I’ll likely keep this one in my purse and my bigger one at home.

Cheese and Space Queen are the parents, and you can tell. The high is active and smiley, great for having a good time, or getting into a good-time mindset if you’re not quite there. Definitely not a stoned sensation, so I would hold off on the Dairy Queen for bedtime, especially if you have a heavier indica on hand. This was a great getting-ready strain before going out and partying, and great for hitting quickly on the sidewalk. My friends, who also work in cannabis and get to try all sorts of strains and cartridges and waxes, thought mine was a delight. We actually found it pleasant to vape at the same time in short bursts with their Pineapple vape pen. When you put multiple weedsmokers together, we like to innovate. We just kept hitting DQ and the Pineapple, and trading off, and having a grand New Years week. So far, I haven’t found any opinion that is negatively critical of Dairy Queen- it’s just a good time!


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