The sativa full gram joint by the Buddha Company is a great, low maintenance way to medicate. I love the uplifting effects that pair well with a daytime setting and the fact that they use high quality cannabis in the full gram joints. I’ve tried the Buddha Company’s hybrid and indica full gram joints as well. These are great anytime options that make the process of medicating super convenient for a great low price!


This full gram joint is the sativa variety from The Buddha Company. They also have a hybrid and indica full gram joint. For those of you who don’t know, the Buddha Company is a boutique cannabis dispensary in California with locations in the Arts District and Fashion District of Downtown LA. The Buddha Company has their own growing facilities where they cultivate high quality strains sustainably. It’s always nice visiting their store because everyone is very nice and knowledgeable. Normally, the house joints at a dispensary are something you should skip, but the Buddha Company has managed to find a formula that works when creating well rolled full gram joints.


The sativa full gram joint from Buddha Co comes packaged in a plastic tube like the other versions but I’ve noticed a pattern in the coloring of the strain type. Sativa is a gorgeous vibrant orange color reminiscent of the midday sun. It stands out beautifully against the standard black background. It works perfectly for daytime and definitely fits the mood. The packaging is labeled with important info like THC content. Mine tested at 20.04% total THC, which is quite high for a sativa!


The sativa full gram joint from the Buddha Company is an instant mood boost. It makes the user giggly, upbeat, relaxed, euphoric, more sensitive to flavors, especially sweets, and more! The sativa version of their full gram joint is an incredible anytime experience. It’s an intensely cerebral experience with less emphasis on physical things like being hungry or tired. The Buddha Company recommends this as a daytime strain. The high tends to intensify hours after consumption and lasts on average 2-5 hours. It all depends on the user’s tolerance level. I really enjoyed this as a daytime strain but wouldn’t recommend it to consumers looking for pain relief or incredibly high levels of sedation. The sativa full gram joint by the Buddha Company is just the right amount of energy and relaxation in one!


This full gram joint is worth a try 100%. I really enjoyed my experience with this sativa full gram joint. I hardly ever choose the sativa over an indica or hybrid but I think I like this better than the hybrid full gram joint from the Buddha Company. Celebrate life’s little ups and downs with the Buddha Company’s sativa full gram joint! If you get the chance to try it, make sure to leave us a comment below and let us know what you think of the Buddha Company’s sativa full gram joint.

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