I’ve been on the hunt for rare and interesting strains for the last few weeks and I’ll be honest, I’m totally enjoying the new gear I’ve been finding around town. On my last trip into Portland, Oregon I once again found a flavor I had never heard of in the Chem Trails Live Resin from Hush Extracts out of the Rose City for the unbelievable price of $15 USD for 1.25 grams. To give you a little background information on this strain, the Chem Trail aka Chem Trails is an Indica-Dominant Hybrid bred by Rare Dankness Seeds out of Colorado State that crosses two of my all-time favorite strains in Chemdawg and Afghani #1. The Chem Trail is said to be hard-hitting as well as flavorful so I was chomping at the bit to taste this beauty.


I decided to use my David Goldstein fritted disc rig for this session and upon opening the jar, I was amazed at the Chem Trails’ thick notes of kerosene and lemons that filled the air along with the consistency which I would describe as saucy and beyond easy to work with. The Chem Trails had a thick maple syrup look to her and once my quartz nail delivered a nice-sized to dab to the quartz banger, I was instantly able to taste her heavy bouquet of diesel and lemons with a bit of a melon finish. The Chem Trail Live Resin was delicious but also potent as one good dab had me more than stoned for a solid two hours. I wouldn’t call her devastating, but the Chem Trails will leave you nice and medicated as I found her great for taking away pain along with stress and anxiety.


Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the Chem Trails Live Resin that truly was better than many $30 USD Extracts. When it came to her flavor and pungency, the Chem Trails was beyond flavorful with her wonderful bouquet of Lemons and Gas with some tropical notes mixed within. Her flavor lasted on the tongue well after exhale and for that reason, I gave the Chem Trails Live Resin a 9.2/10. In regards to the Chem Trails’ strength and potency, I found it to be at a wonderful level that had me feeling relaxed while not incapacitated so I gave her a score of 9.0/10. All in all, the Chem Trails Live Resin surpassed all my expectations, especially with her $15 price point. While not a Cup Winner, I still highly recommend you grab some Chem Trails if you’re lucky enough to find it on a shelf near you.

Chem Trails Live Resin

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