Welcome to 2020, stoned stargazers! This is an exciting time, as it marks a whole new decade, upon which we will look back and mark this year as the start to this small timeline in the blip of human existence. For example, when you think about the early 80s compared to the late 80s… you’re looking at the bookends of disco and grunge. Looking at it that way, what sort of legacy do you think the 2020’s will leave? What sort of legacy do YOU want to leave? While astronomy is having its resurgence in online popularity, there’s no shame in sourcing inspiration for your next move, so why not look to the stars? In between your lingering clouds of cannabis smoke, of course.


Aries’ themes: You might be feeling challenged to reach goals, a common problem amongst your friend-group too. Running into problems that need continual solving, and that seem bigger than they are. Things look like mountains when only molehills exist.

Strains to try: AC/DC is a strain I like for for quelling paranoia, regaining calm in the face of adversity and total frustration.


Taurus’ themes: Investments are starting to pay off, even if you’ve been feeling distracted. Moral compass might be tested this month, might have to work on your stubbornness to move forward professionally.

Strains to try: Canna-Tsu. I find the strain works well for improving communication, for lowering your emotional investment, or in heavy doses, detaching from situations when needed.


Gemini’s themes: You’re working hard to pay the bills, feeling financial stress hard. Look for input and advice where you haven’t asked for it before. It’s a good time to get organized and take a hard look at the budget.

Strains to try: Durban Poison, even in small doses, is a great strain to manage deep stress, while maintaining some alertness for getting yourself together. Calm and cool, yet awake.


Cancer’s themes: Influx of money is on the horizon or has come in recently, due to your hard work. Loved ones may make you question your responsibility with it, but keep cool. 

Strains to try: Dutch Treat. This smooth, strong hitting strain will relax the mind, and with the right attitude, will fill you with confidence. You need the level headset to make good decisions.


Leo’s themes: Wanderlust has your mind occupied, but your life has you doubting your ability to make the dream come true. Make sure before you voice your concerns to those dependent on you, that the mood is right. Miscommunication could become an argument

Strains to try: Bubba Kush. This chiller is great for a calm attitude when you want to have a panic. It’s an ideal strain for controlling negative emotions, and bringing your positivity back up.


Virgo’s themes: Feeling annoyed and hamstrung with loved one, needing to improve how you’re interacting. Lots of financial stress this month, and if this is the source, be patient for a quick-approaching opportunity.

Strains to try: Blue Cheese should be considered deeply for stress management, patience, and partner communication. It’s one of those versatile and relaxing strains that can break down barriers in the right setting.


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