Welcome to 2020, stoned stargazers! The 2010s have not seemed easy, I will be the first to admit. Did you know, however, that humanity has only progressed positively since we evolved? It’s true, every generation past has had a harder time than us. Just think, you’re living a life that medieval royalty would not ever be able to fathom, let alone make happen, even with endless peasants to throw at the problem. Being a peasant of today with internet access and legal cannabis is surely better than being a monarch on the verge of death at 35 years old, right? Oddly enough, humans have always asked the stars to guide us, and here we are, still asking.


Libra’s themes: Helpful, sometimes too helpful friends, disagreements at home, but lots of opportunities to check your listening skills. Could be a longer-term problem, so extra efforts for patience are important.

Strains to try: Master Kush. A great chiller strain for creating patience, open communication with loved ones, and calmer attitudes in disagreement.


Scorpio’s themes: Stressed and busy, but feeling good about professional life. Don’t become complacent, easy to make a mistake with low awareness.

Strains to try: Lamb’s Bread. This strain will slay your stress, while putting you in the right mindset for organization with the right level of alertness.


Sagittarius’ themes: Might need to get out of town, feeling trapped and depressed. May not feel financially secure to do it, but with careful planning, a quick getaway is totally doable. Letting people close to you know could help or defer, so choose potential companions carefully.

Strains to try: Dairy Queen. It’s a great adventure strain, perfect for those in the mood to travel, in search of excitement and wanderlust.


Capricorn’s themes: Being in the spotlight this month will have your circle looking at you closely, so be aware of how you’re being perceived. People may be making incorrect assumptions, but come at the problem with a calm head to prevail.

Strains to try: Girl Scout Cookies. An excellent go-to strain to keep in your back pocket for a lousy day. GSC generates a chill, happy mood, making it easier to brush off opinions and hurt feelings, or giving pause before acting.


Aquarius’ themes: Maintaining privacy is a high priority, but life changes around you will force your participation. When tension with your loved ones arises, address it and talk through it to regain harmony instead of dwelling.

Strains to try: Cannatonic. It’s a tension-releaser that brings up everyone’s happiness in the whole group when passing it around. Those feelings of mood elation will make opening up that much easier.


Pisces’ themes: Wanting to treat self, but it might be better to delay gratification. Don’t let peer pressure influence you, be pragmatic. There will be time for fun if you’re responsible now, and keep being you to reap better professional rewards.

Strains to try: Headband. This strain is great for joy at home, giggling and laughing when you deserve fun. Then knocking out and resting well to work harder.

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