Sun Tea usually speaks to me in summer tones. So to experience the Sun Tea is a vape strain produced by Raw Garden in the winter time as a cozy, cuddly comforting strain was a pleasant surprise. Of course, there’s never a bad season for a sweet and calming hybrid high, but the flavor profile of this vape hit just right in the cold weather. What’s not surprising is the wonderful blend of flavors that weave into a nuanced high, from all the delightful crossbreeding that produced this strain.

Raw Garden’s Sun Tea cartridge is filled with live resin bred from Strawberry Jack, Slymer, and Sour Hound. I love an experimental live resin with a myriad of terpenes and effects. A little of this and a little of that can come out to a mess, but I have to give credit to Raw Garden for pulling all the right notes out of that ranged family of strains.

It’s a fairly balanced hybrid, not too buzzy, but not too sleepy. I especially appreciated the stress-management needed during the pre-holiday hustle. It was important to go home with strain that would melt away the anxieties in a happy way. I wish I could say the holiday season was happier for me, but with my proclivity toward general anxiety and deep worry over… well, just about anything, has made this season one that I dread. In between the office rush and the pre-emptive stress of close time with the family members who causes your brow to furrow, cannabis is my number one tactic for tangible stress management. The Slymer effects of a release in physical tension, with a strong flavoring of earthy, cocoa tones. I would say these indica relaxing feelings become more prominent with higher dosage, making it a great soothing treat in about 4 hits before a flight. Sour Hound is yet another Raw Garden creation from Chemdawg and Sour Crack, which adds a nice uppity kick to this high in light doses. 

As stated before though, what was particularly interesting was the way the scent and taste of tea comes through strongly. And yes, Sun Tea is a summer staple, but hot tea coming through the tip of a vape pen with all of its calming properties and a caffeinated zing is perfect for the weather. I must admit, these heavy hitters get me right in the appetite as well, so if you’re trying to watch your excess this season, imbibe lightly. If you think you can keep a good handle on your portion sizes and sugar cravings, by all means hit that vape.

I don’t know about the rest of you all, but I’m trying to keep my emotions at a balanced level, and this cough-pulling hybrid with enough of everything was a good choice. Admittedly, Raw Garden is a little more expensive than I would usually spring for, but about at an expected price, the smooth hitting live resin is worthwhile. 

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