As we round out 2019, and the end of the decade, we’re looking at a new age of cannabis. So many new manufacturers, brands, products, and strains have come out in this last decade, as prohibition has slowly been chipped away. Looking forward, I have a list of cannabis business ventures that I think are solid ideas, but because business takes time, energy, and effort that I don’t really have, I’m expecting some up and coming millionaires to reach out to me as a partner to get the ball rolling on these fabulous ideas. Seriously, it’s about to be 2020, and we, the cannabis consuming public, demand these things:


Drive through dispensary. Where are these? Why aren’t they here yet? Maybe it’s a little more complicated than going to a McDonald’s… but why would it even have to be? This is just one step away from the option of calling in and picking up an order- let’s just be able to stay in our cars! I see lines of cars at Starbucks, and I would be much happier to wait in line for order if it’s for weed, and I can just drive it on home.


Cannabis-inclusive movie theaters. Can you not see the greatness? In addition to those overpriced bars at movie theaters, there could be a weed counter! Or at the very least, cannabis-friendly theaters that are small and where I can have the option of consuming cannabis while enjoying the newest flicks on the big screen. Instead of forcing us to show up to the movie 20 minutes early to sit in the car and smoke, just give us a theater, dammit. 


Bring back smoking on planes! Weed, at least. This one is a major long shot- the logistics of being able to smoke or vape cannabis on a plane seems hard when everything about planes already sucks. But maybe there’s smoking and non-smoking flights? I’m just asking for options, people. At a minimum, they need to start selling edibles at airports.


More cannabis-bars! There are so many alcoholic bars in the US, and I know plenty of Millennials who hardly even drink… but we do like going out and socializing, and we should feel safe to consume cannabis if people can drink in a safe space. Imagine a hookah lounge, if you will, but every little group is sharing a blunt, or a water pipe, or just vaping. I can’t help but envision an atmosphere much chiller than your typical noisy bar where I have to use discretion vaping cannabis on the patio.


Cannabis spas. Just everything in a top-quality spa… now add weed. A deep hit before a massage, therapies conducted with CBD and medicated oils, a consumption friendly sauna, perhaps restorative yoga that includes smoking cannabis within the session. This is the dream. With all the great strides I’ve seen within my own lifetime, I don’t see why I shouldn’t get my hopes up to be able to experience these one day.

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